WEST COLUMBIA — Police are looking for two men who they said broke a Pexiglass partition while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car and stole the car while officers were investigating a meth lab found in a West Columbia apartment complex.

The apartment was in the 700 block of Loggins.

Police recovered the car on CR 825, at about 7 a.m. Police firearms in the trunk of the patrol car were still there when the car was recovered, apparently untouched.

The suspects are James Wilson, 47, and Jeremy Schroeter, 22, both of West Columbia, Police Chief Michael Palmer said.

Anyone with information should call West Columbia police at 979-345-5121.

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This story is Hilarious! Come on WCPD!


I would like an expose of Title Loans. I know of two poor people who have lost their cars with Title Loans at 229% interest plus late fees. These are legal because the State allows them.


Well everybody is aware that W.C. 's dept Is not the brightest bulbs in the box. Seems that they keep hopping from one pot of hot water to another, I lost faith In that dept several yrs back with the mishandling of and event very personal to me, and that is a shame, BECAUSE I'm from a law enforcement family AND my very own Grandfather was that dept's Chief of Police for many yrs. MANY yrs ago. I have respect for the uniform and the badge , but some things make the badge and uniform look BAD !!! (WEST COLUMBIA ) [sad]

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