CLUTE — People who knew Katelyn Price as a young student might not have expected her to be Brazoswood High School’s student body president.

The outgoing child was often excluded from groups of friends, her mother Karee Price said. As Katelyn Price grows and now sees other students in the situation she used to be in, she goes out of her way to include them.

That’s why English teacher Brandyn Hargrove nominated her for a Taylor Whitley Show Up Foundation award, which the foundation surprised her with during Student Council officer class on Thursday.

“She’s just dedicated,” Hargrove said. “As the student body president, she just goes above and beyond.”

A sponsorship from Yaklin Ford made the $500 Show Up award possible, Shannon Whitley said.

The foundation has an important mission, Nicole Yaklin said, especially when supporting children.

“We wanted to support that,” Yaklin said.

Shannon Whitley started the foundation in honor of her late husband, Taylor Whitley, who died of heart disease in August 2018. His motto was “Show up, give a flip, repeat,” she said.

Showing up is the extraordinary act of kindness, and Katelyn Price embodies that, Shannon Whitley said.

“It is the true definition of a servant leader,” she said.

Katelyn Price leads by example, Hargrove said. She is a sweet, Christian girl who has always gone above and beyond what she has to do, Hargrove said.

What encouraged Hargrove to nominate her for the award was when she heard Katelyn Price offered a student a ride. It wasn’t a student she was friends with, Hargrove said, she just saw someone who could use a little help.

Katelyn Price also “worked her butt off” over the summer and the beginning of the school year to organize the homecoming bonfire, Hargrove said.

When some students were concerned about her homecoming sign being at the top of the stack, which is determined by how many hours a student put into the bonfire, Katelyn Price was quick to selflessly put hers at the bottom, Hargrove said.

“That’s the kind of person she is,” said Tanith Perkins, who has known Katelyn Price since she was a little girl. “She’s always been just a super sweet girl who is more concerned about others than herself.”

Katelyn Price said she is ecstatic about her Show Up award.

She is a senior this year and the money will go toward college, she said. She plans to attend Sam Houston State University and major in either forensic psychology or education.

Karee Price said her daughter just tries her hardest to be kind and not care what others think.

“She just does her own thing,” Karee Price said.

Since Katelyn Price struggled making friends at an early age, she makes an effort to sit with, talk to and include others like her, Karee Price said.

She’s introduced other students to student council, Katelyn Price said, and has seen them open up and become more social, just like her.

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

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Way to go Katelyn! I’m so proud to be an aunt to such a special niece!! Keep that spirit alive as you move through life. I cannot wait to see what you blossom into. :)

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