LAKE JACKSON — Ryan McIlhenny served a 100-day jail sentence for indecent exposure, but just hours after being released Tuesday, he had made his way to a Lake Jackson clothing store and committed a similar offense, police said.

This time, however, his actions rise to the level of felony attempted sexual assault,police said.

Lake Jackson police arrested McIlhenny on Tuesday on charges of indecent exposure and possessing prescription drugs without a prescription. For those misdemeanor charges, he was being held at the Brazoria County jail on a $55,000 bond, where he remained Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday, however, the Lake Jackson Police Department requested the additional felony charge of attempted sexual assault be added to McIlhenny’s case. He is accused of exposing himself and making physical contact with a female employee, according to a probable cause affidavit for the arrest warrant.

The additional charge stems in part from further investigation by Lake Jackson officers, said Administrative Lt. Bryan Sidebottom.

Given the evidence, McIlhenny’s history and the threat she said he poses to the public, Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne said she was “comfortable” in charging him with the felony. McIlhenny’s criminal record includes three indecent exposure arrests and two previous charges of attempted sexual assault.

“The public does not deserve to be subjected to this,” Yenne said. “They don’t. How many times is this man going to walk into a store and subject an innocent person in a public setting to this by making contact and exposing himself? I will choose the higher charge.”

The 40-year-old West Columbia resident first faced an attempted sexual assault charge in 2013, when he pleaded guilty and received six years probation. His sentence stipulated he undergo a sex offender treatment program.

He violated that probation, however, and in 2014 was sentenced to five years in prison. Having served the full length of his sentence, he was released without supervision in September. Shortly thereafter, McIlhenny committed indecent exposure at a retail store in Clute and served 100 days in jail for the misdemeanor, according to court records.

If convicted of attempted sexual assault this time, McIlhenny could face up to 20 years. Yenne said it is her intent “to send this man back to prison for a significant amount of time, well beyond five years.”

“Lots of times cases get resolved,” she said. “My goal is that this individual needs a significant penitentiary sentence or to face a jury to determine one or the other.”

Sam Liebl is a reporter at The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0151.

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This man is clearly not changing his ways. 20 years is too short a sentence.


This is traditional prison time. Just warehouse the inmate without any remedial counseling, training for a job so he can work when released, and feel better about himself and most of all-not return to prison.
Just warehousing keeps inmates in the prison- release-prison again cycle all their lives for most of them.
USA is about the most backward developed nation when dealing with lawbreakers. Germany has a humane and effective system.
We all want them to suffer, and being locked in jail is suffering whether you believe it or not, with bad food, sadistic and cruel guards ready to beat anyone they can, and barely any medical attention, especially no mental health counseling.
10% of USA is locked in prison for mostly sentences that don't require prison for the offense committed.
This man is a sexual deviate, and needs all the therapy he can get, and even then he may not be able to recover. I don't like his actions but seems to stem from a deep seated inferiority complex and needs some female to be impressed by his member.
Good luck to us all.

working dad

There is only one fix to this situation and it is not Prison. Warehousing people is not the fix. Make him a steer and there will no longer be any sexual desires. And no therapy will not work it has been tried time and time again with sexual predators. Only my thoughts.. May God have mercy on us during these ever so trying times.

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