Clara Johnson

Shouts of endearment and gratitude to Sylvia Gibson, Melba Lee Hosey, Ethel Hanks Wiley, Ada Pierce and to the tremendous parade of supporters of the George Washington Carver High School Alumni Association Inc. who hosted a dynamic scholarship luncheon. High notes of recognition also to the Honored Women of Carver, Women Business Owners, Brinkley Catering and the 2019 scholarship recipient Cameron Adams. The beautifully selected theme was, “Who Will Remember Us?” Much love to each of you and know that we are so very appreciative to the Carver Alumni for sowing seeds of love, encouragement and monetary gifts into the hearts of one of our greatest resources — our children. Great oaks from little acorns grow and character from deeds you sow.

JoAnn Fuchs

Shout out to all the parents who came trick-or-treating with their children last week and for teaching their children manners. I enjoyed the evening handing out candy and hearing “thank you” and “Happy Halloween” from the children. It restored my faith in the younger generation.

Lupe Castaneda

Shout out to my brothers Ruben Castaneda and Fidencio “Pollo” Castaneda, both with the Unitest States Marine Corps. Thank you all for your service. Love your sister, Lupe, from Converse.

Maria Castaneda

Shout out to both my United States Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis, brothers — Ruben Castaneda and Fidencio Castaneda. We love y’all both and thank you and all veterans for your service. Your sister, Maria, a.k.a. Macho, Castaneda.

Jesse Villanueva

Shout out to my son, Jesse Ryan Villanueva, United States Air Force veteran.

Josette Torres Ramos

Shout out to my husband, Rubén Garcia Ramos, with the U.S. Army!

Martha Silva

Shout out to Abigail Arias. Thank you for your service at the Freeport Police Department. You will be greatly missed. Rest in peace No. 758 — stay relentless.

Luis Mendoza

Shout out to the thousands of Mexican troops who are deployed to northern Mexico helping to secure our common border. Thank you!

Betty Alexander

Shout out to my husband, a Vietnam marine with a Purple Heart and later an Air Force pilot bringing the last of the military and refugees home to the United States.

Kay Newsom-Young

Shout out to my son, infantry Army veteran and Department of Public Safety Officer Thomas Michell. Thank you for all you have done and keep doing, son!

Carol Rangel

Shout out to my grandson, Jared Reyes.

Maryl Barrera

Shout out to Lance Corporal Christian Garcia, United States Marine Corps. Thank you for your service, and to all veterans, past and present.

Heather Hill

Shout out to my dad, Roy Hill, who served in the Korean War United States Air Force. God bless America.

Della’ Dunn

Shout out to my husband, Vernon K. Dunn Sr. retired United States Army veteran. We Love you and thank you for your service.

Clara Johnson

Shouts of love and congratulations to God’s blessed and highly-favored couple on their 70th wedding anniversary — Melvin and Elizabeth Hall. God has joined you together and He loves you deeply. Your marriage was planted by Him with passion and compassion and watered with the discipline of commitment. You are an example to all that if we but follow the “Golden Rule” in our marriages it will lead us to not only have a “Golden Anniversary” but a 70th anniversary. God continues to pour out his love to you. Matthew 7:12.

Liz Martinez-Dvorak

There are not enough words or thank you to express the gratitude to those who put their name on that dotted line to protect our country. Past, present and future military personnel, thank you for serving. Thanks to all the men and women in our family who served and are still serving. We salute you.

Maria Gracia Cisneros

Shout out to my husband Sam Cisneros, my boss Mr. John Ditto and some of the crew DJ Rice, Kerry Chehovits, Byron Norsworthy and Mark Peterson. Thank you for your service. I salute all past and present veterans.

Dolores Chacon-Navarro

Shout out to my brother Gerardo Chacon Jr. and my niece Sarah Chacon. Go Army.

Carol Rangel

Shout out to Richard Rangel, Sam Reyna, Louis Ugarte, Sammy Castaneda, Jesse Gonzalez and to all others. Thank you for your service.

Barbara Trevino

Shout out to my brother, Tom, and dad, Felix Ordonez. Thank you for your services. Love y’all.

Shelby Vaughn

Shout out to my dad, Jimmy Blair, United States Marine Corps veteran. Thank you for your service. Love you, always.

Niki Priddy

Shout out to my brother, Ryan McKinney, United States Army veteran, my hero for always. Thank you for your service and for all you do. I love you most, big brother!

Sherry Dudley Guajardo

Shout out to my uncle, Tommy Fletcher. He was in the Army in the Vietnam war. Thank you for your service, but most of all, thank God for bringing you home to us. Love your niece Sherry Guajardo.

Martha Silva

Shout out to my dad Felix Ordonez and my brother Tom Ordonez both served in the Army. I salute all veterans past and present. Thank you for your service.

Josephine Dominguez

Shout out to my brother, Ruben Ramirez. Thanks for your service.

Clara Johnson

Shouts of love and profound appreciation to Eddie Sorrell, Jack D. Williams, Samuel Coleman, Joseph Williams, John H. Johnson, Shedrick Helm, Jr., Rev. Herman Powell, Napoleon Johnson, Rhonda Bess, Sherwin Simple, Roosevelt Johnson, Jr., Rev. L.C. Dews, Rev. Jeremiah Woodard, George Davis, Robert Randon, Rev. Booker T. Randon, Alphonse Johnson, Sr., Tommy Hendricks, James Glenn, Samuel Polk, all the members of the VFW Post 851 and to all the heroic veterans in Brazoria and surrounding counties. We are moved emotionally by the great price you have paid to preserve the freedom of others. We salute you every day of our lives because it is your shoulders we stand upon as we embrace our rich heritage of freedom. Thank each of you for your service and may the God of Peace continue to rule richly in your lives.

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