First things first: Happy birthday to the prettiest girl, Terrie Davis in Kingwood. Today is actually her “birthin” day. I was having some fun that day!

She is my very oldest daughter, and she will be, I think, 30. You all know how time drags. I thought she was older than that, but whew, she’s not.

No way, not happening. I know. I gave birth to her in whatever year that was that would make her 30, so don’t anyone try and tell me any different! Let’s just let it go at that and move on.

Baby, I hope Michael is very good to you in the gift department. You know 30 is a big milestone.

n n n

I just came home from getting a pedicure/manicure. You know what a fanatic I am about good service. I have to say, I have been going to this place for a while now and I love the way I’m treated. It is Nails of America in the new Kroger center. I have never gotten the same person twice, and each and every one I have wait on me has been nothing but lovely and gracious. Today I had Rum on my fingernails and his cousin Don on the toes. How about that? Rum and Gin.

Both young men are so nice and polite. My kind of service. It was almost a pure pleasure paying. I think they expect it — oh well. And let me tell you the environment is so relaxing. It’s beautiful on the inside!

I keep saying and will say it again: This is for any businesses. I will keep on saying it until managers or owners do something about it. Do you have any idea how far a smile and being acknowledged goes when we customers step in your door does for us?

I have had so much non-service that I am sick of it. I don’t want a red carpet rolled out for me, but just treat me like what I am: a customer. Be nice to everyone. Who knows what that person is going through that day. And the same applies to us customers treating the people who wait on us as nice as they are treating us.

If you get good service, say something to that person. You might make their day, too. Same goes for them: You don’t know what they are going through that day either.

I do want to say the kind of service I am most tired of is mostly at restaurants. Have you ever had a hostess seat you in a section that you really don’t want to sit in, and you ask nicely for another section and have the hostess roll their eyes and let you know what a pain in the behind you are? I have, and I will walk out!

n n n

Now here is something for everyone who loves their pets from my good friend Linda Sharlow in Padre Island. She has a huge heart when it comes to her four-legged babies like I do. She sends in this good trick. I love it!

Linda says, “Best thing ever. For those of us who never cease trying to please our pets.”

Linda, that’s all I seem to do. I have them trained so well they took to it real fast. I trained them (by accident) for me to jump when they bark!

“A silicone rough mat (This mat didn’t look too big I would say, maybe 10-by-10-inch or so). Smear anything you want your dog to have on there. Keeps my guys occupied for at least thirty minutes. It says it calms them and is dishwasher and freezer safe.

“A half teaspoon of peanut butter smeared way out will last half an hour. A tablespoon of yogurt does same thing. The gal in the store puts a tablespoon of applesauce for her dog. I also put a smear of yogurt in a rubber Kong dog toy and freeze it. That takes a good 30 minutes to lick it all out.”


That is the best idea I’ve heard to keep the little light of our lives brighter. I could use a Kong myself. I could eat peanut butter by the tablespoons full all by myself.

If I had a Kong I could enjoy peanut butter without going overboard, and more importantly, without three sets of eyes watching every bite I take or lick. They will be busy licking theirs. And it would fill in some spare time I seem to have once in a while, my treat. Just think, sitting on the sofa, me licking my Kong in peace and the Babies licking their Kong.

That didn’t come out sounding like I meant it to. So just go with it. You know what I mean.

Don’t go getting offended! I just remembered if one baby finishes before the other ones do what will happen then. I think I know, I will have to haul myself up and go settle the argument. It’ll be worth it.

I just thought of another ingredient, you can put on the Kong if you have a four-legged baby that has a constipation problem: smear it with about a tablespoon of pure pumpkin. Don’t do it every day, though. They love pumpkin. But by all means, if you have any doubts about any of these ingredients we have mentioned please check with your vet.

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