Woman texting while driving by car

Woman texting while driving angrily her car, looking in rage on his phone instead of traffic

Are you enjoining this heat, rain, heat, rain … sauna!? I must say I am. The only thing wrong with this summer is I seem to not be able to get my summer wardrobe together. I don’t know why it has to be so hard, but it is.

One reason is I love winter clothes so much more than summer clothes is winter clothes cover more of me, and that’s a good thing. There are also more benefits to winter clothes, and the pants thing is … you don’t have to shave your legs so often. And you don’t have to get pedicures so often either. Let those nails grow to their natural state, then when the temps hit in the 70s and it’s sandal time, rush to get a pedicure!

For the summer I have found out long dresses work well for me. Really, they are so much more comfortable than pants and blouses, and they do the job of covering up what no one should be subjected to. They are also so much cooler. Now that I’ve thrown that out there, with winter coming at some point I’ll be saying the same thing about winter clothes. Never happy.Only with the clothes dilemma, though.

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I would like to make a personal plea to Gov. Greg Abbott and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to help us all out and try to find a solution to this texting and driving problem. Due to the stupidity of self-important people who think they are professionals at doing this (and I have been told by a person who I was riding with that she was a professional at it) two members of my family have been at the wrong end of this texting thing.

My daughter, Cheryl in Alaska, was run off the road and onto a high curb and blew out two of her tires. She had to have her car towed back to Anchorage while the happy texter went on their merry way. I thank the Lord she was not injured.

Then my niece was T-boned by a texter. She was slightly injured, but thankful for the air bags her injuries weren’t bad. Both of these girls just as easily could have been killed.

I’ve nearly been hit head-on two times and had to take to the side of the road to avoid being hit again by that very important person. What happened to the days when being your car was a sanguinary? The last thing you wanted to do was talk on the phone. If anything was that urgent you found out about it when you arrived at your destination.

I think the only thing to get people’s attention is some strong penalties. I think they should be treated like drunken drivers.

Some people are just not smart enough to know that things like killing someone because you had to send a senseless text will be a life-changing experience for you and change the lives of the people you hurt forever.

Is it worth it? No, of course not. And do you not think someone who is just as self-important might run into you or one of your family members and kill them because of that same stupidity? What a horrible waste of someone’s life or injuries. I’ve been in two car wrecks and, believe me, that was not fun. I barely survived one. And, I with the aid of air bags, was saved from serious injures the second time.

I’m to the point I guess I would rather take a chance of getting hit by a drunken driver than someone texting. That seems to happen more often than running into a drunken driver during the day. Now you have to dodge someone who is on the phone every time you get out. One day we might not be so lucky to be able to dodge them.

So, please take this seriously. It’s an epidemic. There is nothing so important it can’t wait. You might save the lives of others and your own by taking the time to pull over if you have something so important to say that it can’t wait. And wait to pull over into a safe place to place that call or text. It’s a heck of lot better to take that few minutes than to spend four months on your back like I had to. Four months of pain versus 2 minutes it takes to pull over and do the phone thing.

Talk about a no-brainer! So governors, please help me to get this message over.

Sadly enough it seems the only way we learn anything is when we are hit in the pocketbook, but so be it. Or maybe your license is suspended, or then there is some jail time — whatever it takes to stop this insanity.

And maybe the makers of cell phones could disable the phones while you are in the car. How sad that something like would be the only way to stop this.

The cell phone is a double-edged sword.

But please, if I have offended anyone, I’m not sorry. Maybe I just saved your life, or at least gave you something to think about. Let’s all make our goal to live as long as we can and not die on the road.

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