If you ask Bruno Cavazos about his autistic grandson, it will likely bring him to tears. It is that deep affection that has prompted him to write an anthology of poems and short stories in his grandson’s honor.

The book, “Many Moons Ago,” conveys the view from the inside of a special needs child’s mind toward their parents or through an interaction with another person.

He wanted to write a book that could encourage readers to be more sympathetic to those with special needs after his grandson, Gabriel, touched his heart, Cavazos said.

“It started with us taking care of, being around with our autistic grandson, seeing the challenges that he faces and the parents face,” he said.

He has seen people treat children with special needs so unfairly, and he wants his book to teach the public to be more compassionate, Cavazos said.

“I see too many people don’t interact with the parents of special needs or the kids themselves,” he said. “It seems like they got a disease that people want to stay away from. They don’t accept them. They don’t embrace them. They don’t love them.”

He has seen his son and daughter-in-law suffer raising his grandson, something he tried to touch upon in his poetry, Cavazos said.

“They do suffer,” he said. “It is a 24/7 job. It is just something that they choose to do. They are very positive and they are very supportive of each other.”

One story in the book, “Miracle,” is about a little girl by that name who wants to do good in the world, so she starts taking flowers from her garden and giving them to people, calling them faith flowers, Cavazos said.

“It is a good story because it tells us we need to be more compassionate,” he said. “Let’s be like Miracle. I hope that people understand that the parents need that support and love.”

Recently, city officials from Clute honored Cavazos, giving him a key to the city as well as an official letter of proclamation.

It was a humbling experience to have his town support him, Cavazos said.

“That was great,” he said. “It is quite an honor to be acknowledged. To receive something like this, it was just special and unexpected.”

Cavazos’ wife, Dolores, couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments, she said.

“We met in college and he started writing poems, so I knew he could write,” she said. “To this day, I still have them. We have been married for 43 years. “

He will wait to see how the public reacts to the book’s content before considering a sequel, Cavazos said.

“I got enough material for a second one, but I want to see how people accept this one before I proceed,” he said.

With all the proceeds of the book going toward his grandson, this is his way to help Gabriel have some future financial support, Cavazos said.

“Everything we get, all the proceeds from that are going to my autistic grandson,” he said. “I am not getting anything. It is a gift. This a gift, something grandpa did for him.”

“Many Moons Ago” is available at, the Apple iTunes store or through Barnes and Noble.

Connor Behrens is a reporter at The Facts. You can contact him at 979-237-0150.

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