75 Years ago

Manager Red Manross and his Freeport Sportsman Club girls softball team will compete in the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation’s state softball tournament for girls to be held at Fair Park in Dallas Friday and Saturday, in which there will be but six teams of the state participating.

In drawings made Tuesday Freeport drew a bye for Friday’s play and the locals first tilt Saturday will be in the semi-finals against the winner of the Lockheed-Bexar Radio contest, which will see Myrtle Crosby Bullard, Freeport’s ace chunker on the mound.

Todd Shipbuilders of Houston and North American of Dallas will open tournament play at 8 p.m. Friday.

The other Friday game will pit Lockheed, the Dallas girls champion, against San Antonio’s only entry, Bexar Radio at 9 p.m.

Globe Aircraft of Fort Worth, considered by many as the tournament favorite, and Freeport, the “dark horse,” are the two clubs drawing bves and will not see action Friday.

Freeport’s tilt will be the second contest Saturday night. Globe meeting the Todd-North American winner at 8 o’clock.

Winners of the two Saturday semifinal engagements tangle in the third game Saturday night for the state title. Freeport can take the state championship by winning its

two games, both against the cream of the state group.

50 years ago

County Commissioners Court will place its $7.8 million budget for 1970 before the taxpayers in a public hearing Monday at 9 a.m. in the county courthouse in Anglelon.

The new budget is an increase of $47,966 over the current operating budget by salary increases asked for by department heads are not included.

Commissioners Court agreed in recent budget study to postpone any across-the- board pay raise until the first of January. The budget adopted tomorrow would be amended at that time if raises are granted.

Taxpayers will fund the new budget with an overall county tax rate of $1.35 per $100 valuation. The assessed valuation within the county has increased by an estimated $11.2 million. Assessed valuation is based on 25 percent of the true market value of property.

The largest amount of money contained in the new budget is allocated for the Road and Bridge Fund. Some $3.6 million of the total $7.8 million budget will go to this fund.

The current Road and Bridge Fund is estimated to be $3.6 million indicating an increase of more than $65,000 for 1970.

By precinct, the largest amount goes to Comr. Pct. 1 — some $1,194,458. This is a decrease from last year’s estimated $1,245,507.

Comr. Pct. 2 has been allocated $343,500 in the new budget, an increase from last year’s $268,443.

The allocation for Pct. 3 is $791,963 — a decrease from $793,513.

Pct. 4 has been allocated $330,000, an increase from last year’s $313,312 figure.

The total budgets include all maintenance and new construction costs but does not

include the salaries of Road and Bridge Dept. employees.

Largest departmental budget has been allocated to Sheriff Robert Gladney. He has been allocated $524,240 for operation of law enforcement and another $47,632 for operation of the county jail.

The law enforcement budget is an increase of about $106,000 and the jail budget is up about $10,000.

A large portion of Gladney’s budget increase is for new patrolmen. The state legislature passed a bill in its regular session restricting the number of hours a patrolman can work each week. To comply with this law, several new men will have to be added during the coming year.

Gladney’s request for salary raises for employees already on the payroll was tabled until

the first of January.

The jail budget increase and other increases within the law enforcement budget will be

used for upgrading his department, Gladney told the Commissioners recently.

Significant budget increases were asked by the District Attorney and District Clerk in

anticipation of a new district court to serve Brazoria County. Those requests were tabled

by the Commissioners in budget study since the court bills had been vetoed by Gov.

15 years ago

LAKE JACKSON — The parking woes of downtown patrons will not continue forever, City Council decided Monday night.

City Council has placed the addition of a parking lot, which could add about 40 spaces behind the Eckerd on Oyster Creek Drive, as one of its priorities for the 2004-05 fiscal year.

“This is really the first big step in the downtown revitalization and refurbishment,” Councilman Richard Linford said.

While frustrating for citizens trying to find a parking spot during the peak hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m., City Manager Bill Yenne said the congestion is a nice problem to have.

“It shows the downtown area is very viable and growing,” Yenne said.

Additions of businesses such as Cafe Annice, Lake Theater and The Local have been part of the cause of the increased traffic, Yenne said.

The lot will be built off an alley behind the businesses on the south side of Oyster Creek Drive.

Linford, owner of The Local, said each business is required to provide parking for at least five employees, but businesses such as his need closer to 30 employee spaces.

While the lot will be for general public use, many businesses have access to the lot from the back of their buildings, making use more suitable for the employees and freeing up the front parking for customers, Linford said.

Council members debated the necessity of a parking lot which will cost the city about $50,000.

Councilman Charlie Golden said he has been able to find a parking space downtown at any time of day.

“I still find it hard to justify $50,000 for a parking lot when one block away there is parking,” Golden said. “Around here we have the mindset that if you can’t park within 50 yards, you don’t go there.”

Councilman Joe Rinehart agreed.

“In my mind it’s a way for people to see our town,” Rinehart said.

The drawback of more pedestrians is the high volume of traffic and busy intersections patrons have to cross in downtown Lake Jackson, Yenne said.

All council members voted to include the project in this year’s budget after agreeing that in order for the downtown area to continue growing, additional parking is needed.

Also at Monday’s meeting, council took the following action:

APPROVED: An on-premise beer license at the Wilderness Golf Course.

APPROVED: Retirement years of the city employees in the Texas Municipal Retirement System change from 25 to 20 years.

APPROVED: A request from the Masonic Lodge to place the corner stone of the new fire/EMS building.

APPROVED: A Jan. 1 deadline for funds to be used for the proposed Brazos Mall entrance from Highway 288.

APPROVED: Water and sewer base rate changes from $7 to $7.50 per month and special pickup changes from $7.50 per cubic yard to $12.

NO ACTION: Health inspection fee rate changes.

APPROVED: An increase in Jasmine Hall rental rates.

APPROVED: A 50-cent increase in Recreation Center and outdoor pool daily admission rates.

APPROVED: Awarded a contract to Optus Telemation for the fire/EMS facility and police department communication and phone systems.

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