Remember When

By Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

$25.95, hardcover

Sometimes when I’m looking for a sure-fire good book, I search the Internet for info about works by my favorite authors, hoping to find some I might have missed.

That’s how I happened onto one that was billed as the story of a diamond theft. The information printed didn’t seem familiar, so I requested it from the Brazoria County Library.

What I found was a real treasure. Even though I had read the first “half” of it shortly after publication, that was clear back in 2003, and even though I recollected a bit about the first part, that was long enough ago I didn’t remember much.

Imagine my surprise when I realized the second part of the book was actually written under the name of J.D. Robb and covers what happens to the missing diamonds some 56 years later.

That was all new to me, and reading the completed story about this theft and some of the people involved was a real pleasure. “Remember When” combines the short novel “Hot Rocks” with another titled “Big Jack,” which is the one I had missed.

The story begins when Laine Tavish, the daughter of Jack O’Hara, is picking pockets at a young age. Her mother takes the girl and flees, attempting to hide from her former husband.

Jack is a thief who steals diamonds worth millions of dollars. Although more than half of the jewels are recovered in the first part of the book, the rest remain missing.

Laine’s granddaughter later writes a book about the case, a couple of murders follow, and Robb’s Eve Dallas character is assigned to find the killer.

The latter half of the story includes such well-known Robb characters as Dallas’s husband, Roarke, and Eve’s sidekick, Peabody, as well as other detectives often found in the series.

As anyone who reads this column knows, I love books written under both the Roberts and Robb names, and this one was a particular favorite.

Again the Magic

By Lisa Kleypas

Avon Books

$5.99, paperback

Lady Aline Marsden’s parents are too busy with their own lives to pay any attention to their children, and she grows up closer to McKenna, a servant of her own age, than to any of her own family members.

As teenagers, the two of them fall in love and have a brief affair. Aline’s younger sister, jealous because Aline is closer to McKenna than to her, tells their father, and McKenna is dismissed from service.

Aline has been warned of further action against McKenna unless she tells him she is not interested in ever seeing him again. Her words are so convincing that he leaves, believing she never cared for him.

A decade or so later, McKenna, now an American millionaire, returns to England with wealthy friends, planning revenge on Aline for her betrayal so many years earlier.

The two of them make love, but Aline manages to keep McKenna from realizing she has been injured in a fire, leaving her legs horribly scarred.

Just as he is about to leave England — and Aline — forever, there’s a rip-roaring ending that resuscitates the reader after a long, dry spell of wondering why Aline is such an idiot.

Who Let the Dog Out

By David Rosenfelt

Thorndike Press

$25.99 hardcover

Andy Carpenter is an attorney who would prefer not to have clients, but circumstances make that impossible after a dog is stolen from the rescue shelter he funds.

As a multimillionaire, he has no need to work and would rather hang out at the shelter or with friends than work, but once again, he finds his legal training is needed.

The missing dog, a shepherd mix, is found to belong to Eric Brantley, who is hiding from police who believe he murdered his business partner.

The theft appears particularly strange, since the shelter exists to find owners for dogs and charges only a small fee to those seeking to adopt them.

Before long, Andy is trying to find clues to both the dognapping and the murder, and is in court representing Brantley.

He discovers the case has many facets that include smuggled diamonds, arms dealers, terrorists and other murders.

Helping him find out what’s really going on are his long-time girlfriend and now brand-new wife, Laurie, and their adopted son, not to mention the dogs in their lives.

Marie Beth Jones is a published author and freelance writer based in Angleton. Contact her at 979-849-5467 or

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