75 years ago

An announcement was made this week that due to wartime production and subsequent peacetime production, stocks of magnesium and magnesium alloys have accumulated to such an extent throughout the country that The Dow Chemical Company had found it necessary to further curtail its production of magnesium. Effective December 1, all production of magnesium and the raw materials used in its production will be discontinued for an indefinite period at the Freeport plant.

This necessary curtailment will affect some several hundred employees.

Every effort will be made to place employees, no longer required, in other positions, Dow management said in a statement thanking employees for their local service and for their contribution to the wartime and peacetime effort since the plant was placed in operation on January 21, 1941.

Those plants that, will remain in production are the Power plant, a portion of the Lime plant, the Chlorine department, the caustic plant and the five plants producing glycols and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Nonproduction units that will remain in operation at the Freeport plant include all shops and service units, the Engineering Department, Central Laboratory, the Organic Laboratory and the Chemical Engineering department.

Chlorine is used in the production, of caustic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Caustics, a major Dow product, is used extensively in the refining, textile and rubber industries, as well as in the production of rayon, in soaps, and as a cleansing agency.

Glycols are used in the production of anti-freeze and are used widely in the food, drug and cosmetic industries, as well as a humectant in the tobacco industry.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons are used in dry cleaning, as well as materials for use in fire extinguishers. They are used as a degreasing agent to properly clean metals before application of the coating, such as galvanizing.

They are also used as a solvent in the extraction of edible oils in such agricultural products as soybeans.

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