ANGLETON — School district convocations are geared toward building excitement about the academic year to come. Angleton ISD's convocation Friday started by bringing educators to tears.

Superintendent Phil Edwards played a video of teachers talking with students who inspired them last school year. The video demonstrated the relationships that form between teachers and students, and the impact teachers can make on the lives of their students, he said.

Water streamed from teachers' eyes as it played as the emphasis of the convocation, "We matter," connected with audience members. The program encouraged teachers to see the difference they make, through their actions and attitudes, each time a student steps into their classroom.

Using his son as an example, Edwards described how he has seen his son grow in responsibility and work ethic throughout the last year, and he has been an example of how each of us should act when we encounter struggles.

His son realized he needed to work for things that he wanted, and Edwards said he takes pride in his son's ability to change his behavior to achieve his goals.

Edwards asked that the teachers adapt to changes in the same way when unexpected things happen in the transforming world of education, Edwards said.

"My expectation and commitment is simple — go out and make kids'lives better, prepare them for the future and remember that we are all Wildcats," Edwards said.

Guest speaker Sam Glenn, and author and artists, helped emphasize Edwards' goals by motivating Angleton teachers to choose their attitude each morning. Their attitude affects the attitude of each student in their class, he said.

Glenn used humor to convey his message that having a positive attitude is a choice.

"Attitudes are contagious," Glenn said. "Everything follows attitude — your skills, your education, your behavior, your choices. Everything follows the attitude you choose and put in front of you.

"A lot of people don't realize that attitude in the main thing that plays a role in everything," Glenn said. "Your attitude can be your greatest asset or your biggest liability, and you determine which."

Glenn painted an eagle during the presentation and told teachers it is a symbol of his message. Everyone should choose to have an attitude that elevates us and those around us, Glenn said, adding he wants the teachers to rise up and make a difference.

"Education gets better when people in education get better," Glenn said.

To end the convocation, Edwards announced the school district had $50 Walmart gift cards for every teacher to put toward classroom supplies.

Miriam Jewell is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0145.

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