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Kinsley Kubala, 8, organizes clothes from her back-to school giveaway. Kinsley gave away clothes to families who could not afford to go school clothes shopping.

ANGLETON — Piles of clothing filled a table in an Angleton driveway Sunday afternoon, but this was no garage sale. This was part of a clothing drive dreamt up by an elementary school student looking to share the excitement of back to school shopping with those who might not get the opportunity.

When Kaleigh Kubala took her daughter Kinsley on a shopping trip for school clothing, she said she noticed her soon-to-be third grader getting a little sassy about what she was getting.

Kubala was quick to remind Kinsley that a lot of kids don’t get to go shopping for new school clothes every year, telling her most kids would be thrilled with the things Kinsley picked out.

“Kinsley has always been sensitive to others, or thoughtful about others’ needs, and so after I had that conversation with her, she came to me and said, ‘Mom, do some kids really not get to go shopping?’ and I told her that yes, probably even some of her friends or people she knows,” Kubala said. “And so she said she wanted to do something that could help.”

With the help of her parents, Kinsley asked the community for clothing donations so that families in the area would have an opportunity to provide some new school clothes for their kids ahead of the first day of school.

“It makes me feel good inside,” Kinsley said. “I thought we could set up a free school clothes drive for the kids who don’t get to go shopping, and that way, they could just come get things here.”

Kubala helped Kinsley set up a Facebook post announcing her idea. The family was overwhelmed with the community support they received.

“I thought we’d have some of my friends, you know, and maybe a few other people,” Kubala said. “But we received so much support from people who shared the post and brought clothing. I had one lady who brought six bags full of things.”

Set up outside their Angleton home on Sunday, Kubala and her daughter had organized clothing items into boxes and a table. Several people sifted through boxes full of shirts, shoes and other gently used items.

“There was even more here than there is now,” Kubala said, pointing to her driveway. “We announced this about a week ago and then we got up early this morning and started organizing.”

Kubala said the items that they couldn’t put out in the driveway, like pajamas and other assorted clothing, the family would donate to an area women’s shelter, she said.

Altogether, more than 20 people donated items to Kinsley’s drive, which benefitted several members in the community.

Chauntel Simon said the drive was a blessing. She was able to bring a friend of her son’s to pick out clothing for himself and his younger siblings.

“I found out about the event in church,” Simon said. “It’s kind of been a long struggle and (my son’s friend) was able to come here and get clothes for his siblings, which are all younger than him.”

As Kinsley starts school today as a third-grade student at Westside Elementary, she said she hopes this event can become an annual tradition and that it’ll be even bigger than this year.

“It’s good that people can get clothes now,” Kinsley said. “I just feel happy about it.”

Courtney Blackann is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0152.

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