FREEPORT — After an initially mysterious health situation and difficult decision on how to treat it, Freeport Mayor Troy Brimage is returning to his mayoral duties and business responsibilities while he continues to recover.

Brimage experienced light-headedness and other symptoms that landed him in the hospital last month, not knowing exactly what was causing it, he said.

Doctors determined both of the two main arteries in the back of his head were damaged — one was 100 percent torn and the other 80 percent blocked, Brimage said.

“I wasn’t getting blood flow to my brain like I should,” he said.

He didn’t make the situation public because of the uncertainty surrounding the outcome, and it turned out to be nothing he could have controlled, Brimage said. The doctors suspect it stemmed from a trauma at some point, which Brimage believes was a bad car crash he was in years ago, he said.

“It was a scary time for Troy and his family,” friend and City Councilman Brooks Bass said.

County Commissioner Ryan Cade is a friend of the Brimage family and said Troy Brimage is like a big brother to him.

“To see him hurting hurts your heart, too,” Cade said.

Brimage had a choice to treat the blockage with medicine or undergo surgery and “be done with it,” he said.

“I chose that one and now am on the road to recovery,” he said.

He returned to run the City Council meeting Monday.

“I’ve been taking it easy, but there’s no way I’m going to stay out,” Brimage said.

He had a lot of support in the hospital, including from “his lovely bride,” Sabrina, his children, parents and numerous friends, Bass said.

The doctors gave Brimage options to solve the issue, and after praying about it, he took the best one for him and his family, Bass said.

“I hope it’s going to make him smarter and easier to deal with, and it seems to be working,” Bass said with a laugh.

Bass was there the day before the procedure and attributes its success to him planting a kiss on Brimage’s forehead and God Almighty, he said.

“His faith in his God, his faith in his family and his strength of his character got him through it,” Bass said.

Brimage is the first guy to step up and help when someone is in need, Cade said. When faced with perplexing decisions, Brimage is the one to call for an honest opinion, he said.

“We’re all excited that our prayers were answered and he’s on the road to recovery,” Cade said.

When getting caught up in everyday life, you don’t realize how many people care for you, Brimage said. He appreciates all the calls, texts and prayers, he said.

God also worked through others in the situation, including a surgeon whom Brimage sold a house to, he said. That surgeon looked at his scans and asked a vascular specialist friend to look at them, too, and that’s how he got diagnosed, Brimage said.

“God works in mysterious ways and I’m much better today,” he said.

The only thing Bass questions is the actual traumatic event, Bass said.

“I think it happened when (Brimage) was the school mascot for Brazosport High School,” he said.

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

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