More than two dozen cars were burglarized at Clute and Lake Jackson hotels during an overnight spree, police say.

People began calling about their burglarized vehicles before 6 a.m. Wednesday, Lake Jackson Police Chief Paul Kibodeaux said. There were 16 cars burglarized by breaking the rear passenger side windows in five different hotel parking lots, he said.

In Clute, nine vehicles were broken into at various hotels, Clute Police Chief James Fitch said.

While Lake Jackson officers were still taking reports from victims, Houston police called to say they stopped a man and a woman in a stolen car who had property they suspected of being stolen from Lake Jackson, Kibodeaux said.

The same style car and suspected burglar descriptions matched security footage Lake Jackson police collected, he said.

That stolen property included business materials, a pistol, a wallet and other items, he said. Lake Jackson police have not yet identified the man and woman, but they allegedly confessed to the burglaries and are in police custody, Kibodeaux said.

Both chiefs said they will get warrants for their arrests. Unless there is a way to upgrade the charges to felonies, they will face class A misdemeanor vehicle burglary charges, Kibodeaux said.

Lake Jackson police determined the burglaries happened at about 2 or 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, he said.

Their investigation division worked diligently to chase down leads and they are happy to have the suspected burglars in custody, Kibodeaux said.

“We’ll be able to clear all of the burglaries with these two suspects,” he said. “It’s so nice when it’s wrapped up quickly.”

Class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in prison for each charge.

Maddy McCarty is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0151.

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(4) entries


Don’t come down here from Houston and ruin our town!


So why don’t y’all report the names of the hotel (s) where these crimes occurred??


It doesn't matter where they're from. We have our own group of "home-grown" burglars right here. In fact, most of the car burglaries I've read about have been committed by locals.


I don't want to hear any whining that I'm blaming the "victim", but how many times do people have to be told about the danger of leaving valuables in their vehicles? How many times has The Facts printed admonitions from the various area police departments warning against the danger of leaving valuable items in vehicles, making them targets for thieves? Besides, warnings or not, it's just common sense to safeguard valuable items. While it might be an inconvenience to have to bring them in from the vehicle and to have to take them back to the vehicle, it's a lot less inconvenient than the hassle of having them stolen.

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