LAKE JACKSON - After experts said there was no such thing and television news stations started calling, Lake Jackson resident Jack Crabtree announced he never believed in the chupacabra he reported to The Facts.

"It was a spoof or practical joke," Crabtree said. "... I really didn't believe it."

Crabtree said he's been amused at the television reports of chupacabras and other mystical creatures and decided to report the mangy dog he saw in his yard was a chupacabra. Still, some Lake Jackson residents were not laughing as inquiries about the chupacabra came into The Facts office.

"It's a demonic creature that is active at night," Crabtree said of the alleged chupacabra in a July 5 interview with The Facts. "It sucks the blood of goats and chickens."

He took photos of the creature outside his home in the 200 block of Oyster Bend Lane, and told The Facts he believed it was a chupacabra.

"I've been around wildlife my entire life," Crabtree, a former Texas Parks and Wildlife employee, had said. "I've just seen nothing like it."

Experts, however, reported in the Monday edition of The Facts that such an animal doesn't exist. Kelli Myers with the Lake Jackson Humane Department proclaimed the animal to be a mangy coyote after seeing Crabtree's pictures.

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A mangy coyote? No kidding. I can't believe you would take the time to even report this!


It's real and it ain't goin' away. So real the whole army of Vicente Fox chased it and now we know where it's at. Beware bock, bock, bock, and baa aaaaaa baaaaaaaaaa! Those fangs (and I seen'em) are like 4" in length!


O....M...GOSH !! First...fangs are what spiders and snakes have and such. I agree with Osuazo. The Mexican army has nothing better to do that stand in "down wind smoke" and chase a freak canine ??? Stay off the "wet" and let's see some REAL proof, in person. Photos can be like TV.........OK !!!???

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