ANGLETON — District officials took disciplinary action after investigating reports of unruly behavior at an Angleton Junior High School dance, they said in a letter to parents.

Superintendent Phil Edwards could not release information about the students or the discipline they received because of federal privacy laws, he said Wednesday.

“There were multiple students involved in either fighting or inappropriate behavior,” Edwards said. “All of those students have been assigned school consequences.”

Edwards notified parents about the district’s response in an email Tuesday evening.

The district invited parents with questions or concerns to come to an open forum at 6:30 p.m. today at Frontier Elementary School, 5200 Airline Road. Originally scheduled as an information forum on the district’s $90 million bond proposal, administrators expanded the event in response to Friday’s dance incident.

Angleton ISD police and district administrators reviewed video footage from the dance before determining appropriate action, Edwards said. Two school police officers were at the dance, but both Edwards and district spokeswoman Hanna Chalmers said they did not have information about whether those officers witnessed the incidents.

“Our goal is to try to give out as much information as we can in a timely manner while making sure it’s the most accurate information,” Chalmers said. “We’re not going to put out false information. Sometimes there is a delay when we have procedures to follow.”

Based on what administrators learned about the incident, they believe there are areas that can be improved, she said.

Administrators declined to describe the acts seen on the video or agree to let The Facts view the footage, saying the investigation remains underway.

“I believe as we move forward with this event, we are taking positive steps to help make sure these events don’t happen again,” Edwards said.

Chalmers added if a parent has a question or is not sure if something they hear is accurate, the can always contact the school for information.

“We love phone calls and emails to us,” Chalmers said. “If there’s a rumor out there, we’re going to look into it. It’s our job to look into it and make sure our kids are safe.”

The parent of two Angleton Junior High School students said he chose to take his son to the emergency room after the boy was hit in the face three times during the dance Friday night. The student had a swollen eye and aching head, his father said.

The father said he wasn’t informed about anything by school officials when he brought his concerns forward after the dance, which both his children attended.

“I confronted the principal and she told me to come back Monday,” the father said. “I started thinking about it and I didn’t want to wait Friday to Monday because then they could’ve questioned like ‘why did you wait so late?’”

The father admits to losing his temper with Principal Alice Clayton when he went to the school Monday and was asked to leave, but later apologized, he said.

“I’m laid-back, but when it comes to my kids being assaulted, it’s hard,” he said.

Courtney Blackann is a reporter for The Facts. Contact her at 979-237-0152.

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The school WILL cover up as much as it can!


What ever happened to that magic discipline plan that was going to cure all that ails the school? The Dr. Spock approach obviously doesn't work. Where were all the adult sponsors and administrators at this AISD festival of violence? They were putting parents off until Monday to deal with today's problem.

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