AUTHOR’S NOTE: The content printed under my name wasn’t what I had written last Saturday, although two people have complimented the column. The actual writer presented himself as somewhat inept at do-it-yourself projects, and I don’t want readers to think it was me.

Because my father was a carpenter, welder and field superintendent, and because I began to help do maintenance on four rent houses and our home when I was a child, I’m competent with tools. At 11 years old, I painted the exterior of a house without help, and at 15 I spray painted the interior of a six-room home in one day. My mother went ahead of me masking windows and removing electrical faceplates, and she went behind me unmasking windows and replacing faceplates.

On YouTube, I recently watched a video on how to repair a hole that was knocked into a sheetrock wall. The do-it-yourselfer did what I thought was a workable method of repair and painting, but in the comments, a few people wrote that he was an idiot.

I wondered how they self-righteously diagnosed him to be an idiot simply because he didn’t do the repair their ways. Any remodeling method that returns integrity to the wall and renews the original appearance is acceptable.

An idiot is defined as “a person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning.” Those who verbally attacked the handyman didn’t know what they were talking about. In fact, the definition of idiot might have been applied to them since they had been unreasonable in their overgeneralization.

During the last half-century, judging, labeling, overgeneralizing, bullying and being intolerant have been thought of as despicable. So, stop!

I have three acquaintances who work at a certain business in these parts. A customer got mad over something for which she was partially the blame and wrote a vile review on the internet. She labeled those employees as edgy people who should be ashamed of their work environment.

I was shocked. I wondered how a person could feel justified in calling other people edgy. According to my internet research, edgy is a way to stigmatize someone who struggles … while having zero empathy for them.

I also wondered how the critic could be “too big for her britches.” That saying meant, in the old days, that she had swelled so huge with pride and conceit that she ballooned right out of her pants. Reading between the lines, the reviewer said: “I’m superior. They’re inferior.”

Having been in the field of psychology throughout my life, I think it’s essential for people to realize reviews tell a lot about the personalities of reviewers.

A woman wrote this: “I don’t know a lot about being in that kind of business so I’m only going to give two stars.”

In those few w ords, the woman revealed she was ignorant about what she was evaluating, and must not comprehend that removing stars actually hurts a business. It’s imprudent to hurt a business if you admittedly engage your mouth while unable to engage your brain. “Just keep your nose out of other people’s business,” was the advice in times gone by.

These days too many people seem to believe a business rises and falls with how it treats them during one encounter. A business can get publicly hammered for making one mistake with a customer, although workers have done thousands of things right with other customers.

Another saying from days gone by is this one: “Some people are like houseflies. They crawl all over the good parts to find a sore upon which to feed, infect and seed.”

Only he or she who is without fault should cast stones.

Thud! Thud! Thud. I think I hear people dropping stones.

Let’s not let this Scripture approximate us: “Woe unto you … hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness” (Matthew 23:27).

Facts correspondent Buddy Scott is director of His Love Counseling Services in Lake Jackson.

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