Maurice and Edith Grovey's 69th Anniversary

Generations of family members gathered around Maurice and Edith Grovey who celebrated 69 years of love and life together.

WEST COLUMBIA — Many times we’ll go without spending time with people because we think they’ll be here forever. We don’t always tell our loved ones how we feel about them because we think they already know. The truth of the matter is, we all need to do our best to give the ones we care about their symbolic flowers while they’re here.

Recently, many gathered in West Columbia to do just that, as they celebrated the legacy of Maurice and Edith Grovey.

Smiles stayed etched on the faces of the happy couple, who recently celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary, as they sat at a table in the front of the West Columbia Civic Center. The room quickly filled with people who came to honor Mr. and Mrs. Grovey. Over the next few hours, everyone laughed, ate and shared stories of the longtime Brazoria County residents.

The day culminated with Mr. Grovey sharing his own stories about many of the people in the room. He discussed some of his former Phillips 66 co-workers and his family, and he even took the time to throw in some good old-fashioned trash talk about those whom he played dominoes against over the years. Although he recently turned 94, his sense of humor and wit were as sharp as ever. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

As my grandparents, Maurice and Edith have always meant a lot to me, but it was almost surreal to hear so many others talk so glowingly about them. Throughout the day, I found myself looking around at all of the people in the room and just being thankful my grandparents were able to see how much people adored them.

At one point during my grandfather’s speech, he asked, “Who would have thought that so many people would gather together for me?” That level of humbleness is a quality my grandparents have always had. Nothing they’ve ever done, nor anything they’ve ever said to help anyone was done with the expectations of getting anything in return. Instead, they did things they felt were right; which is why they deserved to be celebrated.

That day, it was easy to see my grandparents loved the fact everyone showed up. When you think about it, everyone showed up because of the love they have shown for all of us. Maurice and Edith, we thank you for being positive influences in our lives. We truly hope you enjoyed your flowers.

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