Vernon Albert (Bert) Richardson III

Vernon Albert (Bert) Richardson III, died on Sunday, August 4th, 2019.

This is only a snapshot of Bert’s triumphant story. He was an energetic and bigger-than-life man who was loved deeply, is missed, and will always be remembered by those who were lucky enough to have connected with him during his time here with us. He was known as “Big Rich” and “The King” by his friends, “Poppy” by his grandchildren, Dad and Friend by his children, “Baby” by his wife, and was an amazing human being who could bring a smile to the face of just about anyone. He was known as a fiercely loyal father, son, brother, and husband. Bert will be missed dearly by all who had the opportunity to hear his laughter, listen to his storytelling, or to simply be in the presence of his eccentric take on life.

Bert’s story began on March 2, 1968, when he was adopted by V.A. Richardson II (deceased) and Edith Rouse Richardson. He was the second addition to this family as the younger brother of Duuana (Hickner). He spent his childhood in Richwood, Texas where he had a knack for making friends, excelling at academics, and being the fun-loving risk taker throughout his school years. There are countless funny and unique stories each and every one of his friends and family could tell about this man; far too many laughs and excursions were experienced to list. According to Bert, “It’s all part of the experience”. He was blessed to have spent the last five years knowing and loving his biological mother, Jane Coulter.

Bert graduated from his much-loved University of Texas in 1990 with a bachelors and continued his studies to receive his MBA from Houston Baptist University in 1994. He was known to be a die-hard Longhorn fan and found every opportunity possible to let those around him know that burnt orange would forever be his favorite color. He applied his IT skills at British Gas, Sysco, Apache Oil & Gas, AAA Capital Management, and Vernor Material & Equipment; where he continued to think outside of the box, managed countless staff with ease, and worked tirelessly to improve his area of expertise. Building relationships with all his co-workers was of utmost importance to Bert and something he was able to effortlessly accomplish.

Bert began his journey as a father in 1988 with the birth of his first daughter, Brittany (Brittone) with Brigette Snider. Two more amazing children came to follow with his second daughter, Bailey (Bailanski) in 1992, and his first son in 1995, Braden (Big Dog).

Bert married Amy “Cottage Girl” VanBuhler on February 16, 2004 in Medina, Texas, under the tree she climbed on their first date. They welcomed Bert’s second son, Jace (Big J, J Dog) in 2004.

Bert loved to travel and had the opportunity to visit every continent outside of Antarctica. He had a passion for bird watching and could hear their calls and name them on the spot. Bert had a weakness for sweets, good food, and looked forward to simple and extravagant quality time with family and friends. He loved to fish and would spend hours on his boat to find the best “Honey Hole” around and found joy in assisting those around him to bring in the “bad boy fish”. He also had an uncanny ability for creating special nicknames for those in his life. Names that will forever be remembered. He was always up for a challenge. Always.

Bert is survived by his wife, Amy Richardson (Amy Loo Hoo); his four wonderful children, Brittany Riggs and Willie Riggs (son-in-law), Bailey Ellis and John Ellis (son-in-law), Braden Richardson, and Jace Richardson, his sweet mother, Edith Richardson (Big Eed); his sister, Duuana Hickner and Andy Hickner (brother-in-law) and their three children, Hayley, Hannah and Hayden. Bert is also survived by four grandchildren, Madelyn, Ellie, William, and Lucas; and biological mother, Jane Coulter (Janarooski, Momma JJ). Bert is also survived by countless extended family members, forever friends, and amazing co-workers who were touched by his unstoppable personality.

Thank you, Bert… we have all been blessed to have had you be a part of our lives. “Onward and Upward” — know you were loved. We challenge you to paint heaven as colorfully as you painted earth.

Celebration of Life will be Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 11:00 a.m., First Baptist Church of Angleton, 237 East Locust Street, Angleton, TX 77515.

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We were so sad to hear of Bert’s passing. We knew him as a baby when VA and Edith first brought him home. I actually babysat both Duuana and Bert when they were little when VA was in the hospital and Edith wanted to be with him. Duuana and Bert were both such smart, funny and spirited little ones. It was such. Pleasure to be with them. I’m so sad we lost touch with them as we moved up to Sugar Land as they grew up. What a beautiful obituary. We were so pleased to read what a wonderful man he grew up to be. Our prayers and thoughts are with Edith and his wife, children and grandchildren. Rest In Peace Sweet Bert. Love, Sandra and Randy Broadway.

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