Jasmine Strother

Wish something can be done about neighbors parking in front of our house instead of their own. But I understand it’s a public street, but it’s still rude. … I know it is petty, but we keep our yard nice and when I look out the window, I don’t want to see their cars parked in front. But mainly it’s when we have family get-togethers and need that space for parking.

Rachel Graham

I get so irritated when my neighbors park in front of my house when there is space in their driveway and no one parked in front of their own. Then I realize how petty it is and try to breathe … but in the end I’m still like … but why!

Josh Walters

I do the same thing with people parked facing the wrong way on my street. I know it’s not really a big deal but it drives me insane.

Aimee Ledbetter

It’s the same in my neighborhood. HOA has rules and city has rules not to park in the street, yet people still do it. My neighborhood is mostly large homes for big families and they use that as an excuse, that they have too many cars for their garages and driveways. Well Karen, you knew that when you bought the thing. And in most cases, you literally had it built to your specifications and didn’t decide to add a third space in your garage or extend your driveway, so now the rest of us suffer having to go down the road one at a time because there’s not room for opposing traffic to pass because your vehicle is in the way. Bite the bullet and install a bigger driveway or move to the country where you can do what you want.

Judy Stephenson Clifford

Parking in your yard is just plain trashy and tears up your grass, makes ruts that fill with water when it rains and then you have mud puddles everywhere.

Justin Dvorak

I find this completely stupid. Don’t understand why city council has to meddle in property owners’ business. But I suppose if you don’t like what they’re doing, vote them out.

Sherry Batson

I live in Clute and I know this is not about us, but I’m not against parking in the yard, but my neighbors have seven cars in the front, four or five which they drive, two that don’t run, and it looks like a junkyard. That’s just my personal opinion for where I live. Plus, they have two cars in the backyard that don’t run.


Another issue that leads to this problem is people not utilizing their garages for cars. Instead they are filled with junk.

Donna Cady

That’s Lake Jackson for you, telling you what to do with you’re own property.

Jamae Bowman

I’m glad we have ordinances and that they are enforced in LJ. The thing that bothers me about the no parking in the yard is 1) It became an aesthetics (not safety) ordinance after we bought our houses. 2) There is no grandfathering for people in older/historic parts of LJ who have small driveways and are expected to have funds to put in pavement if they are concerned about parking on their narrow streets making one lane of traffic. 3) The ability for emergency vehicles to make it down car-lined streets is going to be an issue. The Emergency Services will go down the streets, but who pays for the damage to the cars and emergency vehicles? Think the city will do that? 4) I don’t like to see yards full of cars either. People who rent to contractors should have to provide paved parking for the number of renter vehicles and it seems council would be interested in rental ordinance violations before aesthetics. In my opinion, beautification is what makes LJ stand out, but this particular ordinance is government overreach.


Sorry, but I respectfully disagree. I wish Angleton had some sort of ordinance like this. There is a family in our otherwise nice, well-kept neighborhood who park vehicles in their yard, and it looks very trashy. This isn’t the only problem, but it certainly contributes to the generally unkempt, sloppy appearance of their place. This “landfill-like” house and yard are a big detraction from those of us who take pride in our homes and yards and work to take care of them.

Mendy Jones Sparkman

Whether or not you think it’s trashy or unacceptable, you should have the freedom to do what you want with something that you buy. So if you’re sticklers on rules for every little thing, why not go live in an HOA? I don’t live in Lake Jackson, but sometimes government controls way too much. And when people park in their own driveway and they don’t have enough room for visitors and then the neighbor gets upset because someone is parking in front of their house, do the math.

Erika Payano

Freeport has the same nonsense. That’s something i couldn’t understand why i can’t park in front of my yard at my house. We are paying so much money for taxes, yet we can’t do what you want. I understand there are ordinances, but some of this ordinance sounds like the 1700s. Real old stuff. You can’t fence the front of your house. You serious? What’s the sense of buying a house. This place is as bad as a HOA.


It is amazing that one person can complain about something and have an ordinance passed that affects many people in town. I am for keeping the city clean, but where does the government control end. Not all people in town are blessed with the income to have a double wide driveway that is 50 feet long, plus many older areas of town only have a single driveway with a single car garage. The city needs to focus on some of the ditches in the older areas of town and not worry where people park their cars. The ditches are usually overgrown with weeds and have standing water that stinks.

Emilie Michelle

People are way too invested into what other people’s properties look like. As long as it’s kept fairly clean and mowed, there shouldn’t be an issue. Parking your car in your yard prevents it from being hit. So what’s the issue? If you don’t live on that street your opinion shouldn’t matter.

Rosey DeAlba

We been hit twice parked on side of road. So is the city gonna pay me back for the damages we already paid? Yea, right. Like people say, we pay taxes and it’s not trashy. It’s my land. I bought it. I say keep it clean and park where you want.

Linda Janie Marcum Denmark

In Marietta, Georgia, they don’t let you park in the yard because of oils, gas and other fluids that leak into the ground. Don’t know if that played into ordinance here.

Rod Strother

I’m about ready to start making it my main mission in life to go up to every one of these town hall meetings to raise hell. I don’t even care if anything gets done, I’ll just be that guy that everyone hates. The federal government isn’t the only swamp that needs drained.

Natasha Marie Gomez

This is the most ridiculous ordinance I have ever dealt with. I don’t know why anyone cares what a person does in their own yard. I could understand if the property is leased/rented, but when it’s owned outright, it kinda seems like a slap in the face.

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So glad I don't live there


I’m sure they are too.


Well we all are happy then. Must suck to be you so sour all the time


Hahaha are you serious?!?! You’ve got me confused with PJBM or yourself. Grateful I think for myself. Nice try but it failed. Have a good day!

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