‘Republicans buy sneakers, too” is a line often attributed to Michael Jordan in the 1990s. Mr. Jordan’s unwillingness to engage politically is attributed to his desire to protect his wallet. This attitude has been criticized by many activist athletes over the past decade. This change has been so dramatic that many star athletes have based their entire public persona advocating for social change. No star has been more vocal than LeBron James, the face of the NBA for the past 15 years. His actions have raised his profile and helped him make hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorships.

LeBron James and the league of social justice athletes have proved to be nothing more than self-serving hypocrites. When the authoritarian regimen of the Chinese Communist Party overreacts to one simple tweet by an NBA general manager, these self-proclaimed social justice athletes have lined up to kowtow to a foreign power to grovel in fear of losing a dollar. What a revolting display of anti-patriotism! These athletes have been more than willing to degrade the United States to the tune of millions of dollars. When a Communist country takes offense, they all line up apologies repeatedly.

China is not our friend. The Chinese state represses freedom of speech and jails those willing to speak out. All freedom-loving people, American and otherwise, should condemn the hypocrisy of the NBA and these players.

Nike has made millions off its Colin Kaepernick slogan: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

It appears the NBA and its players have a new slogan: “Believe in something. Unless it will cost you a dollar.”

The people of Hong Kong are waving our flag and singing our national anthem. They believe it means something. Let us stand with the people of Hong Kong. America is great because we lead. We must never kowtow to authoritarianism! Stand for the flag, stand for freedom, stand for America!

Randy Weber is the U.S. House Representative for the 14th Texas District.

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Nicely done. Spot on

Father of Six

Well done.


Well said


While I don't agree with Lebron's comments or the NBA response, the hypocrisy in this piece is laughable. "We must not kowtow to authoritarianism!" You mean like trump did with Ergodan? And how many trump branded items are produced in China still? Y'all may want to let Ivanka know that China is not our friend.

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