Cross roads

A car drives north on Highway 288 where it intersects with CR 48 South in Rosharon.

Margaret Sherman

Nothing will improve until the aggressive driving is addressed. Try to go the speed limit without being run over — not going to happen. I prefer driving in Houston.

Jeff Norfolk

How about they do something about 2004 from Angleton to Santa Fe? Several people die a year on that stretch.

Bonnie Guynes

Why even bother and waste money on temporary fixes? Address the most dangerous crossing first, make an elevated crossing and work each one until you’ve addressed the most troublesome ones. Unfortunately, most accidents are due to human error, and there will always be drivers who make bad decisions. A key note here is they’re country roads and people tend to not adhere to traffic signs in the country. Let’s face it, too many drivers are distracted and way above the speed limit on Highway 288. Driving is necessary but it’s a dangerous activity. We take a chance every time we get on the road. That’s why everyone should pay attention to the task at hand and maintain a proper lookout at all times. Driving 101.

Nikia Lea Nicar

People cut across me every morning along there. I just keep both hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road. I’m glad to see something is being done.

Tia Woodruff

If they put an overpass it would be such a smarter idea than what Tyler does. That’s where I live now. They always put lights.

Madelene Turner Brock

We absolutely need overpasses at each of these intersections.

Shawn Kmiec

All this work and I bet they aren’t going to get rid of the EPA speed limits because of money.

Rick Esiurc

Maybe if people make more traffic stops on 288 instead of making it the Texas Autobahn, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Robert Singletary

Just turn every roadway into a toll. No money, no driving on roads. Fewer accidents. Hell, you’re halfway there anyway making 288 a toll road. It’s ridiculous, they will turn all these accidents into an excuse to make another dollar somehow.

Julie Parsons

Or here’s an idea: put your phone away and remove your head from your sphincter before getting on the highway? I know, crazy talk, right?

Miguel Erica Acuña

Yeah, then follow up with more safety by adding tolls. OK, I see you TXDOT.

Cory Mears

That way all the traffic from the initial road will flood the highway and block the highway just to get into the turning lane. It’s pathetic how you take one issue, remove it, just to cause another one.

Cassie Sullivan Pope

They need to do something about those lanes where you can merge onto 288 and cut off all the traffic. It’s ridiculous.

Dean King

If they are used properly, the merge lanes are good. But I see people pull straight to the travel lanes going 10 mph. People don’t know how to drive, just admit it.

Cynthia-Olivares Quiller

That means my 7-minute drive to work will turn into a 10- to 15-minute drive.

Mulato Jay

Why can’t they just turn the crossings into bridges (overpass)?

Chelsea Kersting

So because of people’s stupidity and because they don’t know how to drive, everybody else has to suffer?

Becky Ramos

Quit developing down there and that will eliminate new traffic.

Melanie Mitchell Reddick

Please, more traffic patrol or add some traffic stop lights, too.

Kevin Mark Hancart II

If they remove those crossings, how are you going to get where you need to go? Miles out of the way?

Michael Garcia

All they are is long u turns. Not gonna make anything safer.

Clint Wehrly

Nothing until something is done about 2004 Mad Max to INEOS.

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