Trump trial puts spotlight on evil

The impeachment of Donald Trump will be a story about the proof of the existence of evil. More accurately, more to the point, will be how the Republican senators will allow Trump to get away with shooting holes in the Constitution. Such indifference. Such contempt. Such cowardice. The reality of evil will be found in that story, the indispensable stuff of stories — the buildup of conflict.

Trump’s guilt of abusing his power and obstructing Congress to cover up his foul deeds is heinous enough, and overwhelmingly evident, that it leaves one wondering why a good God allows evil in the world. Is it because evil has much to teach us? Can it be that evil is our greatest and perhaps our only effective instructor?

The trial in the impeachment of Donald Trump is a dark education, an examination of evildoers. It is a display of the immorality of the Republican senators being entangled in the sinister web of corruption Trump is spinning. We are witnessing a premonition of the worse that is yet to come.

But I believe in happy endings. Through difficulty we are made more mature in God’s wisdom. We must not give up our faith in the trials of adversity.

David Kaw, Lake Jackson

Trump impeachment a bunch of nonsense

We are being told every day Trump is a crook and a criminal. He must be impeached. Is anyone buying this nonsense?

When Trump announced he would run for the presidency, all the really smart people told us he couldn’t win. Nancy Pelosi told us to take it to the bank. Barack Obama told us Trump wouldn’t go down in history as a president. When he was elected it was obvious the in crowd in Washington had no clue as to how disillusioned we the people were.

Three years later they still haven’t figured it out. All of their causes don’t seem to pan out for them. The Green New Deal? We all want to take care of our planet, but we don’t want to starve to do it. We don’t want to persecute trans or gay people, but we are smart enough to know it isn’t fair to allow males to compete against females because they identify as women. It seems they are devoted to policies that most of us consider to be unfair. Most of us would like to treat everyone as equals.

I know there are bigots out there and all of them aren’t conservatives. Until both sides of the aisle quit favoring one group over another for whatever reason, we will continue to be a divided nation.

Conrad Moody, Lake Jackson

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I just witnessed the most extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome I think I have ever seen. Please get some help ASAP. It's going to be a another long four years for you.


I am amazed, stunned by the dems , media , including the facts, and Dem supporters, attacking the Senate for not bowing down to corrupt, lying, deceptive dems. Let’s remind the blind and low in truth, Dems held secret meetings blocking inclusion of GOP members. They held secret meetings to analyze witnesses and their testimonies, blocking GOP inclusion. Then they wouldn’t allow GOP witnesses not only White House but GOP committee members . Then the dems wouldn’t allow any cross examination of dems hand picked witnesses. With all the treachery of the dems , their witnesses all admitted when pressed by GOP their wasn’t Quid pro quo!!!!!!

Just feelings and emotional muck. Sorry folks that’s not evidence and facts. Even one of dems witness Mr Turley said none of dems accusations were impeachable offenses

But the mighty void and corrupt just closed their minds , ears and eyes to truth and pressed forward. Then Senate fairly voted after all testimony, that there was no need to call witnesses.

So why are you weak minded dem supporters crying and whining? You were ok with dem partisan, kangaroo court but expect excellence in the Senate. Rotten to the core


You should be telling PB&J to get some help. Talking about derangement.

Father of Six

Mr. Kaw, if you truly believe in happy endings and God's wisdom you should read the book of Titus. It's only three chapters but will embarrass most of us. The happy ending will come. Hate the sin but love the person.


Are these the same people who sat idly by when Hillary destroyed evidence? Had an interview with the FBI but not under oath and got to pick the questions she would be asked? Maybe they would have been taken more serious if their impeachment had not started the day Trump was elected. They had their target, from there they just had to find their crime.


Hillary appeared and testified. No executive privilege was used. Can trump say the same? He put documents on a secret server to cover his backside.

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