Long-term solution to flooding needed

In response to Bruce Warren’s letter on Feb. 16, Oyster Creek did get high enough and did spill its banks during the Harvey flooding. I saw it with my own eyes from our house on Dewberry Drive. It did not spill over on our side, but did spill over on the Alden side.

Alden developers plan to dig huge lakes and use that fill to elevate their properties. More concrete may cause flooding on our side of Lake Jackson, Richwood, Clute, etc. We do not need more concrete. We need a plan to eliminate all flooding in our area.

I am definitely not an engineer, but maybe the entire Alden property could be used as a giant retention pond to soak up water before it floods our cities.

We would lose the additional property tax revenue but save money in the long run.

Nancy Berry, Lake Jackson

Slander culpability should be universal

We all don’t respect the politicians that use the floor of the Senate or the House to slander their opponents. They are free from the laws the rest of us have to observe. Does the same thing apply to anchors on the news shows on TV?

I saw an announcer say President Trump was a Russian agent, with no facts given that would prove what he accused President Trump of. I cannot imagine how anyone is free to slander someone like that. That should never be allowed for anyone to make statements like that.

The fact is the media is still willing to help the Democrats do anything they can to tear Trump down. They are showing their true character in the primary for the nomination of their party.

Can’t say I disagree with Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s railing at Bloomberg. He’s trying to buy the election, and she has problems explaining her budget for all the programs she wants to institute.

Politics is a dirty business, it seems to those of us who are watching. It seems they can suspend the rules of how we should all conduct our business.

If you cannot prove it, don’t make accusations.

Conrad Moody, Lake Jackson

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Sadly the facts is part of the dem media on national and state politics. One can’t believe or trust their hand picked articles. All anti GOP and Trump pro dem


I forgot that trump and his misfits are so open and honest. Seriously, how often is Byron York printed in this section? You should know because you always comment favorably on his opinions. If it's not all for trump then they are "part of the dem media" in your closed mind.


If you really are watching then you know trump does this on a daily basis...Adam Schiff is leaking the intelligence reports; Ted Cruz's father assisted in the assassination of JFK; President Obama was born in Kenya; and many many more.

And I'm sure you are as disgusted by the false accusations levied by Fox and Brietbart as well.

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