We must save the soul of America

In the face of all the senseless mass killings and the mindless imbecilic congressional Republicans who keep sensible gun legislation from being passed, every citizen should be injected with a powerful dose of rage. Everyone in the country and in the free world would make it known when throwing open their windows, sticking their heads out, and — as did Peter Finch’s character in the movie “Network” — scream out, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Donald Trump’s behavior and rhetoric are of a fanatical believer in a dark cause and his sinister voice is being listened to and acted on by white nationalist listeners. The rise of domestic terror can be linked to a despotic government. This government under Trump and the Republicans is starting to resemble a despotism. Therefore the people of this country should take action against the terror that is dared to be turned on them. They should be led by policy that is reasonable and shame those that oppose it because they are weak, full of vices and prejudices, and want to take this country down the road to tyranny.

The Constitution has entrusted us with common sense laws that shouldn’t be exaggerated or to bring mourning and death into innocent people’s hearts. We must not sit and be idle but join in the struggle to save the soul of America.

David Kaw, Lake Jackson

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I love how you mentioned the constitution while talking about infringing the American people's constitutional right. Your deranged rant is only guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment is not for hunting or sport shooting. It is to keep our government honest, and with the corruption in our federal offices I can see why our ancestors put in that amendment. If President Trump is the blame for El Paso then obama is the blame for Sandy Hook and the other 30 something mass shootings during his reign.


Spoken like a true Trump supporter. Do you have an ORIGINAL thought? People once thought Prohibition was a good idea. How'd that work out? People can have their guns and we can have common sense guidelines for them to have them.


No, I'm an America supporter. Red flag laws are useless and are designed to remove guns from American citizens without due process


I also find libs always turn a closed ear to the hateful, divisive, violent rhetoric of the dems and media. The Dayton shooter was anti Trump , pro ANTIFA and loved Warren

Libs need hearing aids to listen to dem candidates talking about punching the President, dem lawmakers talking about killing the President and ex Vice Pres Tim Caine stating to meet conservatives in the streets

Dems have been the most violent , hateful organized group for decades


Has gun laws stopped criminals in Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis and other inner city slaughter.

I love libs fake concern for death

They will rise up on shooting deaths but silent on inner city slaughter and abortion

Abortion has murdered 56,000,000 babies and this is acceptable by libs. This is the definition of iINSANITY


I love how we keep hearing people scream that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to own whatever mass killing gun they choose yet the 2nd amendment was written when muskets and flintlock pistols were the weapons of choice. Those only fired 3 to 4 rounds per minute not 45+ like the current assault rifles. I think the founding fathers would have thought differently if they were dealing with a weapon that would have killed them all in a minute or less. Show me where President Obama said that the children killed in Sandy Hook were invaders, rapist, and murderers and that we should build a wall to keep them out of our country...that's right, he never used the inflammatory and hateful rhetoric that trump does on a daily basis. Yes trump can take credit for inciting the El Paso shooting.


Our ancestors had the same rifles that the military had. We are not allowed that now.


Our forefathers knew how oppressive governments can get, just like the dem party, this they wanted citizens to be able to stand up to this oppression and overthrow

This is exact reasons we need the amendment

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