Lisa Flowerree Bigon

Hmm ... How about they go full out: No drugs, nicotine or alcohol? If it truly is for the health of their future employees I don’t see how they can leave alcohol off the list. Of course, I don’t see how they can legislate after-hour behavior that doesn’t interfere with company duties. There are many businesses that have smoke-free campuses and their employees seem to manage somehow. I think it’s overreach, since you’ve asked. Oh, and don’t forget the guidelines for weight and height. Now that alone should do 70 percent in right there.

Jody Goens

Why stop there? If they were serious about cutting healthcare costs, they wouldn’t higher overweight people too. But they won’t do that. It’s easier to single out smokers.

Craig Conrad

This illustrates the absurdity of testing folks for some substances surely and is inevitably a slippery slope with our understanding of genetics.

Sharon Flowerree

Are they going to slap hamburgers and alcoholic beverages out of their employees’ hands too? Forbid them from flying in airplanes or helicopters? It seems silly to only prohibit one dangerous activity.

Joe Pomponio

The thought is killing me. If there are medical treatments and cessation programs for smoking, how long will it take for someone to file a suit for discrimination due to a medical ailment?

Patty Brinkmeyer

I would have thought U-Haul wouldn’t allow smoking by employees or renters to keep the trucks smoke free.

Dennis Robertson

I didn’t plan on it anyway. I quit smoking years ago, but I wouldn’t work for them anyway.

Bryan Menard

Like they weren’t short-staffed enough already.

David Beaver

So U-Haul is shutting down operations?

Joe James

Next, it will be bacon.

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