Writer must be wearing blinders

It is not shocking how David Kaw (Feb. 4) simply repeats Democrat talking points and Conrad Moody (Feb. 4) actually thinks and provides thoughtful insight. There is some history to this stark contrast in ideas.

Mr. Kaw appears to be able to analyze the condition of our great nation and conclude there is much evil in our nation that is attributable to President Donald Trump. Evil? Shooting holes in the Constitution? Wow, does he have blinders on?

I would think that even Democrats would cringe at the thought of Adam Schiff holding an impeachment inquiry secreted away in the basement without the president’s lawyers being present and then withholding the transcript from the American people. Talk about shooting holes in the Constitution. Have you ever heard of the Sixth Amendment? Probably not. You surely know that if there were any testimony in that transcript incriminating to the president that it would have been leaked to the alphabets — the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.

I appreciate President Trump elevating the stature and respectability of the U.S. around the world by speaking the truth instead of apologizing for the U.S. Here is a small example. Our president encouraged Britain’s PM to go ahead and push for Brexit and shed the slavish shackles of the EU to regain their sovereignty. It won’t be easy, but it is the right thing to do. They did it without a shot being fired. I’ll take respect over purchased “friendship.”

Tweet on Mr. President.

Marv Amerine, Lake Jackson

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And you would know a thing or two about blinders...stature and respect around the world?!?!? Heard that line last night on Fox.

Father of Six

Glad to know your watching Fox News now.


I try for about 10 minutes then I thank God that I’m a rationale person and don’t buy their lies. So much anger and venom with that group.


Now look who is deflecting


Trying too hard to catch me in a gotcha moment, Bulldog. How cute.


More deflection


Who cares what the world thinks us . So you care what China, Russia, Iran , Euro Union all have been abusing all past Presidents

Finally we have one who puts America first since Reagan. Now a very weak Pres was Obama, leaders ran all over this apologist


The person who wrote the option seems to care....did I miss something?!?!


It was directed to you continues lies and blindness

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