I am fairly nonpolitical, almost nonpartisan to some extent.

In the wake of last weekend’s shootings, I was sickened by the grandstanding and bickering of both political sides on Twitter and the fake news being spewed by media outlets. Everyone wants to be right. Everyone wants their side to win. But this isn’t a football game or a family-friendly game show. Nobody wins when we have a national tragedy.

I opened The Facts on Wednesday and was greeted by commentary from Michael Morris titled, “Right-wing extremism has no equivalency.” Basically, it was a rundown to let Brazoria County readers know extremists on the right commit more mass killings than extremists on the left. Keeping score of mass shootings — left vs. right — is senseless, and when talking about murder, it’s downright offensive. Both sides of the spectrum (albeit extremists on both sides) kill people in mass shootings, but as Morris stated, the right-wingers kill more. Na-na-a boo boo!

From what I can gather, liberals keep banging the drum for gun control, yet when Joe Rogan had 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on his podcast Tuesday, Sanders couldn’t give a real solution to the gun problem. And neither did Morris, just a holier than thou commentary that only stirs the pot between the two sides.

What I know is there have been more than 70 Americans killed in mass shootings in 2019 alone. And while those shootings get the bulk of our media’s attention, Chicago, which has been considered one of the largest Democratic strongholds in the United States, continues to have people murdered at an alarming rate — 293 people in 2019. But the Democrats seem to turn a blind eye to those statistics and would rather we all focus on some extreme right-wing nuts who, truth be told, don’t represent even a fraction of a percent of most conservatives.

Morris actually got back on track when he wrote, “the power of the extreme side of each equation needs to be diluted.”

What’s sad is neither side wants to come together for the win. It looks like the left will use mass shootings as a way to champion its gun control efforts and the right will continue to talk about the Second Amendment. And we will all pray that one of these losers (left or right) don’t go crazy in Brazoria County.

Russell Burnett Jr. is a resident of Lake Jackson.

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Democrats built a stage out of the bodies of the victims. Their rhetoric was disgusting and divisive.


A good example of Morris rigging the facts reporting on mass shootings, they was a Hispanic with AR in Houston shooting at target on I 10. Was this reported by Morris?? No way. Doesn’t fit the path he been orders to follow as dem sheep


Let’s see if Morris will be honest and not hide who the shooter was in Philly

Blows his constant dem narrative of white nationalist. Which FBI statistics don’t share

The shooter was a black male

Bet we won’t hear this


Democrats want more laws and regulation while at the same time they want to pick and choose the ones they actually want to enforce.


Morris has to spin the dem narrative. He always does. He’s not a journalist but dem cult member. FBI statistics say there is no common profile for mass shooters. There are radical Muslims very heavy during Obama. Blacks, Hispanic and white. A very diverse profile

But Morris with his extreme hate for PresTrump and followers plays the dem narrative game of white right wingers.

Morris is a liar and his opinions and articles are extremely biased


There is no gun problem, there is a people problem. A mass killer should have their hands tied behind their back, a slip knot tied around their neck and their feet lifted off the ground, until dead...….and televise it! This would deter others from trying to gain media fame.


You notice Morris and Facts printed multiple stories on El Paso shooter because it fit the dem narrative

Morris only printed one uninformative story on Philly cop killer. There was no information and reason on the shooter. Well here’s why!! Didn’t fit Morris’ and dems narrative of hate. It was a black male who supports ISIS We haven’t heard much from the dem cult media on this one

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