Writer answers defenses of president’s behavior

I’d like to address some issues Dave Alston raised in his recent letter. I spoke to Christianity because they are the majority in this county. However, the many sincere Muslims, Hindus, etc. who live here also do not approve of Trump’s ethics. It’s a moral lack that offends kind and thoughtful folks. The Q’uran, Talmud, Bhagavad Gita, etc. because they all denounce lying, cheating and adultery. Christians don’t have a monopoly on decent behavior.

Mr. Alston seems to imply the end justifies the means. The falseness of which most of us learned at our mother’s knee. I look askance at any who say, “He might be a jerk but he’s OUR jerk.” “By their fruits ye shall know them” is a valued cliché because we know “fruits of a poison tree” are rarely good for anyone.

Washington and Lincoln are our paragons of thoughtfulness and intelligence. They should be the example all who seek office aspire to emulate. If I have a choice, I would pick an electric chainsaw if I don’t care for smoke and noise, to use Alston’s example.

“Politics ain’t bean-bag” is true because it’s a rough-and-tumble business. But, you don’t have to be a jerk to succeed, just tough-skinned and have some guts. Neither describe Trump.

Finally, any regular reader of this column knows I hold progressive views but haven’t been a Democrat for decades. There are no saints in either party. It’s always the lesser of two evils. By the by, I wonder why Dave put sins in parenthesis. Does he think they aren’t?

John Allen, Demi-John Island

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Fruit of the tree? Well let's see. A booming economy, more opportunities and more jobs for all Americans regardless of race or any other pidgeon holed characteristics liberals like to divide us by. A strong military. Better border security and the list goes on.


Remember when President Obama would daily tweet vitriol and lies about his perceived enemies? Me either.....I miss the days of having a thoughtful and intelligent leader who actually cared about the people and not just the loyalists and Putin. On this site commentators are constantly using scripture to persecute the evils of the Democrats and "enemies" of trump yet use that same scripture to justify trumps lying and cheating. Very confusing.


So Obama cares about the people? Why did he weaponize the IRS to suppress voter choice? Why did he lie about Obamacare ? Why did he lie about Iran money giveaway

Why did he promise Russia he would have more flexibility once re-elected. Why did he force Catholic sisters to provide birth control

Why did he condem folks with guns and bibles. Yes he was a real class act.NOT!!! Stop the ignorance and lies about Obama. He revived racial divide, class warfare


Take your meds, goodness gracious. And do a little research and you will see how you are still spreading falsities.


Actually he's telling the absolute truth


Pjbm626, I want to apologize for the “take your meds comment.” Mental health issues aren’t anything to joke about or assume about someone. So for that comment, I apologize.

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