Checking the “About” link on Facebook for the “It’s OK to Vote No, Angleton” page brings up a nebulous source for the people behind the group. “This is a page for taxpayers and community members to share information,” the description reads.

Ads showing up on people’s news feeds show it being sponsored by “Educated to Vote,” but that organization’s listed website is bogus, as is its phone number with a Washington, D.C., area code.

A similar site opposing a proposed Keller ISD bond states as its purpose, “Keep our children out of debt and the Keller ISD responsible with our money.” It lists a local mailing address that is actually a postal box at a UPS Store.

There also are groups opposing bonds in other communities around the state; some have identifiable leaders while most do not. Angleton’s bond opposition efforts fall into the latter.

The ironic aspect of all this is the anti-bond efforts are rooted in claims of wanting transparency about what approving the debt issues will mean for taxpayers — yet voters have no way of knowing whether the opponents are mostly local residents, how they’re being funded and what underlying motivations they might have. A few of the posters across the “It’s OK to Vote No” communities are the same, indicating it is a coordinated effort based somewhere outside Brazoria County.

Where? By whom? Angleton voters have no way of knowing. The perpetrators have not revealed themselves and do not appear to have any intention of doing so.

The question here is not about the bond itself. Those who are against more tax dollars being spent on schools or other government-funded projects, regardless of their reasons, have every right to do so. They should make their objections known and, when possible, back them up with verifiable data.

Our challenge to the “It’s OK to Vote No, Angleton” creators is to show their faces so voters can determine the validity of their claims. Anonymous social media posts hardly show someone willing to stand up for what they believe.

This editorial was written by Michael Morris, managing editor of The Facts.

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What's the big deal. The Democrats don't have any problem with "anonymous informants" or the fact that their Antifa comrades wear masks!


True that !




TOTALLY AGREE, see my comment.


I fail to see the problem also. They schedule these bond elections for when there will be a light turnout and then as long as district employees turn out they get are sure to be passed.


While I respect Michael Morris' Viewpoint, I VEHEMENTLY disagree. If that were the case for everyone....then why does the antfa (the leftist terror organization) hide their faces....they don't want to be known. Why are their PAC that are VERY difficult to discover their true origins? Why do we cast our ballots in private? If you want transparency..then ALL should follow.

While I'm not a part of the "It's OK to vote NO" group (and I don't know who is) I'm certainly not opposed to their privacy.

Being opposed to a 90 MILLION dollar bond is not a vote against our children it is a Vote against a heavy tax burden to property owners. If every taxing entity decided to offer a 90 MILLION dollar bond, I would NOT be able to afford to live in my home county. My answer to any taxing entity is still No and to use the heavenly vernacular of H**l "OH HAIL NO!!!"

I want to know how much my taxes from AISD will be next year....actually what my taxes will cost me over the next 20 years...should the Lord tarry. Of course that is not answer anyone can many variables and who can predict what the next school board will adopt. 90 Million dollars is a LOT of money for our community to burden - with just one taxing entity.

No Michael Morris, I disagree, who is behind the Facebook page...what matters is HOW MUCH am I going to have to pay, next year, and every year after that. 90 Million just doesn't go away...somebody will have to pay.

I'm not afraid to list my name and voice my DISPLEASURE!

Elizabeth Day

Taxed out Taxpayer of AISD


Mr. Morris, your point was lost on several as evidenced by their use of antifa and the whistle blower as their examples for justification for not wanting to know. Too often we see money coming from outside sources where the interest of the donor is contrary to the actual item/bond at hand. A no note means yes and a yes vote means no. Always helpful to know where the money is coming from for clarification of the true intent. By all means do your research, crunch the numbers and vote how you wish; be an informed voter.


I disagee with Mr. Morris. If you have kids in school you don't want the administration to know you are against their precious bond issue. I campaigned against a bond issue several years ago and it still gets brought up. They don't need massive beautiful buildings to teach in. We need to live within our means.

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