Trump criticism farcical

Let’s see if I understand what’s going on.

I saw at least a half-dozen or more talking heads on 24-hour news networks telling us that Trump was vindictive and mean by talking about the failed impeachment. He said things that were hurtful. I’m reminded of an old saying, “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

All of the “in” people told us Trump could not be president, and they all said it in the nicest way. Then he was elected. Then the FBI tried to get his election overturned. Mr. Comey was a big player in that, and they then hired Mr. Mueller to finish him off, but they found nothing to pronounce him guilty, and then they tried to convict him because they couldn’t find evidence to say he was not guilty, they said he wasn’t proved innocent.

All of you screaming, “we must protect the Constitution” should think about that for a minute. Of course they opened up an investigation based on a fairy tale bought and paid for by his opponent in that election. They spied on his campaign and violated a U.S. citizen’s rights, and the failed impeachment was a farce from the beginning. It all started based on the Trump dossier that wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Maybe we should look at our politicians, and if they have acted poorly, maybe we should fire all of them.

Conrad Moody, Lake Jackson

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Spot on. Spot on


Dem's are like a pack of wolves in a feeding frenzy, they have lost their minds over Pres Trump.


This is very clear on dems purpose. They stated from day one they would impeach this President before his term started. The liar of the Russian dossier paid for dirt on Trump by Hillary and dem party ( isn’t this the premise by scum dems that Trump was getting dirt on Biden??!) started the fake Russian hoax. Then zero evidence, no payback from Ukraine for releasing funds impeachment Hitler kangaroo court by the house. The dem party has been for decades a party of personal destruction if they don’t like you . They have the media to support their evil like the facts and Morris

Father of Six

I have to agree. Spot on!


I agree, we should fire trump.


You can certainly try in November


We need to overthrow the dem party

They are our enemy

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