Nick Sanchez

I’m not sure an 18-year-old has had enough life experience to serve as an elected official. However, I do think they have a lot of knowledge that’s being wasted that could be extremely beneficial. I think something like a select few who could serve as a type of advisor to the elected officials when it comes to the younger generation and the issues they’re facing. Get the opinions and feedback of those who are currently living it. They could give insight on issues they’ve come across while in school and possible ways they have to fix them. It would be how to get the younger people more involved because you have to reach them a different way than other age brackets. Just a thought.

Lauren LaCount

Eighteen-year-olds should be able to run for and serve on the city council just like the military. I have run and served on council as well as run for state office. It’s easy to run, but winning takes effort, energy, time and in-depth understanding of complex issues. Voters are the ones who choose the person to represent them, and restricting applicants by age is no less discriminatory than discriminating based on gender, race or religion. If you think an 18-year-old is too inexperienced to lead after looking at their platform, simply don’t vote for them, duh.

Heather Brandon

A lot of you are saying 18 is too young but I’d ask you to consider this: If an 18-year-old had the focus and gumption to run for office and win, I’m sure they’re more focused on making a difference than just walking into a position and screwing it up. Perhaps we would get a generation heard that might have some good ideas or fresh perspectives?

Brian McGee

I’m a veteran and just because someone serves their country doesn’t give the ultimate pass to do what one wants. Just follow the laws and Constitution, vote, make yourself heard to make appropriate changes that are needed, and changes are needed. I’m not against young people being elected, but don’t use military service as a reason.

Albert Garcia

Hey, Houston voted someone with zero experience, so why not.

Kathi Perkins Brothers

Can you vote at 18? Then why not be able to serve in an office? I know many at age 18 who are intelligent and educated. They would be more than qualified.

Michelle Ready

The age at which one is considered an adult needs to be set once and for all. As it is right now, all across the country laws (both federal and state) are a complete contradiction and irrational. You can’t buy a beer, but you can put on a uniform and go die overseas. You can buy and use a long gun, but not a handgun. You can vote, but you can’t buy cigarettes. You can get married as young as 16, but you can’t rent a car or hotel room until you are 21 in most states. The list goes on and on. It should be either all in at 18, 19, 20, etc. Nineteen was used in many states years ago in order to exclude the majority of high school students.

Craig Conrad

Great idea and a good way to involve younger folks in local government who would otherwise be apathetic. I don’t see how anyone could have a problem with it unless their goal is to suppress local civic engagement.

Linda McMillan

I am not from Lake Jackson but I’d like to see a mandatory seat for someone 18 to 25 and another for someone 65 to 75. We need a broad range of voices at the table.

Clint Smith

Wait, the same folks eating Tide Pods and demanding $15 an hour to screw up a Happy Meal want to serve on city government? Nah.

Bernard Ditges

I might be wrong, but I do believe one must be elected to the city council unless appointed by other council members to fill a void. In the end, council members are chosen directly or indirectly by the voters.

Becky Jones Creekmore

No, they don’t have the abilities to think like an adult. Their brains are not fully functional until around the age of 25.

Craig Brisbon

Their qualifications include being able to make their beds without being told and being easily manipulated by adults. Sound deduction it seems. Just a question: Which party is promoting this?

Tim Goins

Just because they are “legally” adults doesn’t remotely mean they are ready to be tasked with making decisions that affect 26,000 people. I wouldn’t trust most 18-year-olds to make a good decision for themselves, much less everyone in the city.

Billy N Catherine Anderson

This is a joke, right? An 18-year-old hasn’t even begun to experience anything about life yet.

Mike Venegas

Eighteen? Stop. There are adults on city council who can’t handle the position with integrity and you want to put an 18-year-old on there?

Randy Lisa Perez

While on the topic of minimum age, is their a maximum age?

Barry Hayes

I don’t let my own kids tell me how to live. I probably wouldn’t do well with letting someone else’s kids try to do that either.

Mark Neely

Let’s make it simple. Make all the rules at either 18 or 21. Service. Alcohol. Smoking. Voting. Adulthood.

Terri Varnado Bernhardt

There is a reason they have age limits. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good example of why I’m glad you have to be at least 35 to run for president.

StellaScout Henry

Heck yes. Run, compete and get elected — 18 or 80.

Gene Schubeck

Why the double standards on age? You can serve in the military at 17, vote and own property at 18, consume alcohol and soon tobacco at 21. Make it consistent, one way or the other. But, to be honest, 18-year-old kids are probably a poor choice for elected office. But, there are a lot of elders who are, as well.

Jody Hickman

There is the rare exceptional young person who could handle the job, but overall, young people don’t have a clue to how the government even works, let alone who should serve in office. Voting age should be increased, and I wouldn’t mind a basic civics test before being given the privilege of voting.

Jr Hardin

Nope, not allowed to smoke or drink, too young to hold any office or even join the military. Can’t have your cake and eat it too. Heck, some of these kids just briefly completed the Tide Pod challenge.

Clint Hagemeier

I don’t have a problem with it on the whole, but I’d never vote for somebody that young. I would be hard-pressed to vote for anybody in their 20s to be on city council. That’s just me — no way people that young have enough experience to make well-informed decisions. I have to wonder what underaged family member one of them has who they are trying to get on board.

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