Lauren Jones Brittain

Thank you, Angleton ISD, for wanting the best for our students. Because we are Wildcats.

Jason Lynn

I’m not from here and when I learned how many high schools Angleton has had and built I was shocked. I graduated from a high school that was built in 1966 and it’s still there and have a nephew that just graduated. They have added on over the years. I’ve also heard the new high school is actually smaller than what is now the junior high. Looks bigger but with less square footage.

Colby Acord

Ninety million dollars on a school that is still considered brand new? That doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. This feels like there might be some kind of collusion with the city and whoever is doing the contract work.

Freddie Yola Quintana

They need to do all Brazoria County schools that way as well. There are so many that need what they need as well, just saying. Good luck to all schools

Kyle Muirheid

Love how this is worded as if the sports facility improvements isn’t 90 percent of the cost and isn’t the main reason for the proposal. “Let’s list classrooms and bathrooms and sneak in improvements to sports facilities at the end.”

Jenni Wailes

Ninety million dollars sure would make a lot of teachers happy if you put that toward pay increases.

Brandon Lane

Angleton ISD needs to take lessons from Brazosport ISD.

Bridget Davis

That could have gone toward better pay for the teachers and other more important things.

Lisa Zirlott Westergaard

How many times is Angleton going to rebuild and modify the high school?

Brenda Calvert

I have got to get out of Angleton.

Jimmy O’Neill

They need to put some aside for teachers salary raises. Ninety million dollars seems excessive for just school improvements.

Peyton Jennifer Brannan

Isn’t the school pretty much brand new?

Chelsea Thomas

Wish they would put some of that money toward these elementary schools.

Debbie Armentor

The high school is over capacity, and since it is an open campus, students from other cities can attend. The now middle school was about 20 years old when the high school was built.

Donna Spoor Lewis

All of you complaining about money being used on the softball field must not realize the majority of that field was done by the parents and donations in the community. The girls deserve a softball equivalent to the boys field. As was stated earlier, we have been to state twice in the last four years. The girls deserve improvements. The 16 classrooms for the CTE are needed. Have any of you been in the welding room, Ag classroom, etc.? Our school needs the CTE facility. I personally know how small those rooms are and they need more room. Not everyone goes to college, and skills for welders, millwrights, culinary, machinists, plumbers and electricians are needed now more than ever.

Kevin Reynolds

That’ll be a big no for me. Taxes are out of control for this district.

Dave Armstrong

This is a request for a $90 million increase in property tax revenues. How much of your property taxes already are used to pay down debt (including interest) from previous bond elections? The info is available if you care to look. It would probably change a lot of minds.

Michelle Carpenter Powless

I am constantly reminded of a comment made by a popular, daytime radio talk show host. The buildings are more known for what’s outside versus the inside. What’s outside is greater than what’s inside.

Margaret Williams

If a person wants to learn, they do not have to have a fancy facility to do it in.

Wanda Odom Guthrie

No wonder our taxes are so darn high. Sell some of the school properties that are sitting vacant. That would be better than taxing us to death.

Rick Esiurc

Heck no. You might as well build a second and rival high school across town.

Monae Peterson

I hope this means they’re going to get a pool in the high school instead of the kids having to walk to the junior high.

Toni Hays Kersey-Esq

They didn’t build it right to start with and now have to upgrade. Glad my kids are out of there now to move from the school district.

Ronnie Duran

And they can’t even give the teachers a raise. That’s pitiful.

Rikie Bennett

Angleton is an open district? Does that mean I can move to Brazoria and pay lower taxes but my kid can still attend Angleton high school?

Laura Glick

$5.6 million per classroom. What a deal.

TJ Guzman

Hopefully it’s a new softball field. They are always winning but the facilities don’t show it.

Henry Kersey Jr.

Nope. You should have built it big enough the first time.

Tony Graves

Need to break it down more. $90 million for rooms and restrooms seems about $89 million off. Tell us what the rest is for.

Linda Robinson-Starr

Sounds like poor planning from the beginning.

Holly Risinger

The softball fields need to be redone. Brand new. Add parking spaces in the grass by the football stadium. What else would need to be done? It’s new. Let’s focus on the junior high that has been the same for how many years now? Or parking for Westside as we have way too many parents and not enough spaces for everyone.

Kris Ayers

$90 million and all it will add is 16 rooms and bathrooms? Maybe they need a second opinion.

Glynis Craig

Should have thought about growth instead of cosmetic changes when it was built.

Stefan Marie Uribe

I know someone who will do it for 1/4 the price and a 12 pack. Then give the rest the the janitors and teachers.

Abbey N Brandon Olivares

I don’t even live in Angleton and I think that’s nuts. That school is like a college already. $90 million for restrooms and classrooms. I wonder we’re the other $85 million is going.

Wendy Lou Williamson Bryant

Are you kidding me? Why does Angleton ISD think that it is OK to ask for more bond money this soon? They should have planned better.

David Smelscer

Everything they have is brand new. They should have planned better It’s not the taxpayers’ fault they did not look far enough ahead to see problems.

Christina Gray

Honestly, the price tag probably has more to do with the career and technology building, transportation center and classrooms. Not saying the renovations to the baseball and softball fields won’t take quite a bit of money (especially if they are wanting it on par with the football stadium), but I don’t think it will take the majority of the bond.

Ashley Burton

What for? They just got a new field and building.

Chelsea Kersting

I don’t even live in Angleton anymore and I think the schools are getting ridiculous.

Alonzo Robles

So what’s going on in Angleton? Why the growth?

Seth Rice

Shaquille O’neal’s Florida mansion is 35,000 square feet, comes with 12 master suite bedrooms, a 17-car garage, 90-foot swimming pool and a full indoor basketball court. Total cost: $22 million.

Seth Leu

Ninety million dollars? That high school is brand new.

Joey Martinez

If you’ve got “growth money” then you have “pay your teachers better” money.

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