Hurricane Dorian is barreling toward Florida as the 2019 tropical storm season enters maturity. Now is the time every hint of a disturbance near the Gulf of Mexico has the potential to clear grocery store shelves.

As this happens, the Trump administration moved $271 million from the Department of Homeland Security, which includes the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund, to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement along the southern border, according to NBC News.

ICE is facing an increase in demand for resources, but this move is especially ill-timed. Congress had already approved money to meet the needs of immigration and detention efforts, but with a natural disaster primed to hit the country, the bank account for that purpose has been drained. While border security is important, this move subverts Congress’ authority to set budgets and has the potential to leave Americans vulnerable along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

A Supreme Court decision in June cleared the way for these actions. The court approved the Trump administration’s move of $2.5 billion from the Department of Defense budget for the purpose of constructing the border wall after Congress repeatedly declined to comply with Trump’s demand for millions to erect the barrier. Legal experts more qualified than us can debate that erosion of the founders’ intent to separate powers, but on its surface, it is a dangerous ruling that conflicts with precedent.

The reason budgets must go through Congress is to ensure the nation as a whole has a say in meeting the country’s priorities. The allocations then are approved or rejected by the president.

But the move circumvents Congress in this case, and puts coastal citizens in a vulnerable situation.

The administration cites a need to provide beds for an increased number of migrants on the border, a desire it expressed when Congress was determining the national budget.

“Congress has already deliberated DHS’s request and appropriated the highest-ever funding for border security and immigration enforcement, which passed on a bipartisan basis and was signed by President Trump,” said U.S. Sen. Jon Tester of Montana of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security, according to NBC News.

The move unnecessarily undercuts Congress, and pulling from FEMA specifically appears to be poorly timed, with political goals being given precedence over safeguarding the country.

This editorial was written by Alec Woolsey, assistant managing editor of The Facts.

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You can thank the Democrats for this! may be Bush's fault.


Thank God we have a president that is protecting the American people. If congress would have passed legislation to build the wall, President Trump wouldn't have had to divert those funds. The democrats were just throwing a childish tantrum at the expense of the American people's security


So look at the costs of doing nothing , Dem plan, on the border. Texas alone costs 6 billion

4000 deaths a year from illegals to Americans

70,000 die a year from drugs the majority coming across southern border . Then 10,000 young girls a year in trafficking

The facts won’t support anything this President does to to their hate

This will save money. The dems didn’t meet the funds requested by DHS . Dems have done zero to help solve this situation at the border and the facts and other dem media Outlets give them a free pass


Being the best business man to ever grace this earth, why didn't he fund the wall when he had control of both the House and Congress? But I get it, easier to blame the Democrats than to open your eyes and see the real problem.


He didn't have the votes democrats and RINOS


Wow you even throw your fellow republicans under the bus if they aren't "loyal" to the "chosen one". The fact is he did not insist on the money for the wall until AFTER the Democrats took over the House. So don't blame the Democrats and Rinos, as you like to call them, because this is all trumps doing.


We all know this administration is vile and prone to lie. They aren't going to use this money to buy more beds for the migrants; they don't care about the migrants. Should Dorian cause the damage to Florida that has been predicted, I doubt Floridians are going to care about the border wall that is being replaced with these funds.


Lol this coming from a supporter of the party of lies


You're so silly, Bulldog. I don't support the Republican party. Nice try at deflection.

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