Emily Broadway Arthur

Part of the problem is new LED lights produce harsh, excessive light, which then ruins the nighttime yard experience for others. I’d love to see us adopt some kind of dark sky protection — not government control, but healthy management of citizen experience. Of course, this is the same city building a freaking hotel where a neighborhood used to be, so I’d say the city doesn’t seem to care much about residential experience.

Mitsy Denton

This has to be one of the dumbest articles I wasted time reading. Dark Sky Association ... Have you not driven down 332 and seen all the lights, and sometimes flares, from the plants at night? Move to the country if you dislike it so much. What a waste of city council’s time.

Courtney Roberts

Some use spotlights as a tactic to harass neighbors.

PJ Beav

Lights are the easiest and cheapest way to deter criminals at night from messing with your property.

Kyle Thornton

Look no further than the barbecue smoke complaints. There is your precedent.

Marissa Cardin

And that’s why I don’t live in Lake Jackson — too many restrictions on homes you pay to own.

StellaScout Henry

Local control from Austin. Home rule means home rule.

Jem Holograms

What we don’t need is more government dictating what we can and can’t do. What we do need are more neighbors getting out and having conversations with each other to find a resolution.

Albert Garcia

I’m about to light mine up like Minute Maid since some thug is snooping around our neighborhood.

Adam Riel

Good, our neighbors have security lights on six sides that light up their house like an airport. Start there first.

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