People across the country celebrated the half-century mark of the first moon landing with events highlighting scientific and patriotic achievement. In a story we ran from the Galveston County Daily News, people had traveled from out of state just to be at Space Center Houston for the occasion.

Luckily for Brazoria County residents, there wasn’t a need to do much traveling.

Right here in Clute, The Center for Arts and Sciences put on a great show of talent to bring in young minds curious about the lunar achievement that continues to inspire future astronauts. With telescopes, art and information booths, the Center provided an experience that was likely to catch the attention of anyone fascinated with space travel.

The Center invited James Bates, a 42-year NASA veteran who worked on the Project Mercury, Project Gemini, Project Apollo and the Space Shuttle programs to talk with visitors about his experiences. He gave residents a first-hand account of how difficult the Apollo 11 mission was.

“I just want to tell you guys how close it was,” he told visitors.

The BASF Planetarium featured a transmission from the International Space Station and a short film about the first moon landing that was provided by Space Center Houston.

Even a historic milestone that seems on the surface to be disconnected from Brazoria County proved what an asset the Center for Arts and Sciences continues to be for the community. Through its partners, those in charge of the Center didn’t let this opportunity to further educate young minds pass by.


Athletes make impressions in the classroom, too

Playing well on the field is always the achievement most athletes are recognized for, but it’s what happens in the classroom that matters most.

The Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association released the names on its Academic All-State team, and Brazoria County players who already look impressive on the diamond took a number of spots for their performance at their desks.

Among them were players from Brazoswood, Angleton, Brazosport, Columbia and Sweeny who were already impressive this past baseball season.

It’s important to remember when cheering on these players that they are there first and foremost as students, and second as athletes. They are allowed to put on those uniforms not because they are baseball players who can be students, but because they are students who can play baseball.

Their academic achievements should be celebrated just as much as their work with the bat and glove so as to set a positive example for future athletes.


Paxton case shows system favors powerful

The wheels of justice move slowly, but it appears if you are well-connected enough, they can be brought to a complete stop.

Attorneys and prosecutors for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed motions earlier this week that have the potential to delay a trial in charges against the state’s top law officer returned by a grand jury in 2015, according to the Texas Tribune.

After successfully arguing to have the case moved from Paxton’s home base of Collin County to Harris County, Paxton’s attorneys have requested the case be moved back to Collin County after claiming the judge who granted the original request did not have the authority to do so after his term lapsed, according to the Tribune.

That’s convenient.

There are likely many people in this state who would love for their cases to be delayed four years out of details that only appear in the fine print — spending that time raking in big-dollar donations from the legal community and political movers and shakers.

What this shows is not a secret to many: Those with political influence have the uncanny ability to face a different court system than most people accused of a crime. Whether he is guilty or not has become secondary to the mantra of “justice delayed is justice denied.” And when an elected official can be treated differently than an everyday citizen, it becomes a legitimate question whether justice ever will be served at all.

The shame here is that most people are likely not surprised by what they are reading, just disappointed what they suspected about the nature of power and politics is playing out to be true.

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Dems do this all the time but no shame by the facts or other dem cult media propagandist

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