Recently, there has been a great deal of reporting and discussion surrounding Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. His ethics and leadership have been called into question by allegations that he had an inappropriate meeting with then-Texas Republican Caucus Chairman Dustin Burrows and activist Michael Quinn Sullivan.

Sullivan runs a blog called Texas Scorecard and is affiliated with the political action committee Empower Texans. In late July, Texas Scorecard posted a report that Bonnen offered media credentials to writers associated with Sullivan’s blog in exchange for Empower Texans not criticizing the recent session, not funding a group of GOP incumbents and targeting a group of 10 Republicans.

A panel of lawmakers has recently asked the Texas Rangers Public Integrity Unit to investigate the allegations of impropriety surrounding the June 12 meeting. A spokesperson for Bonnen indicated that he supports the investigation.

This news has been covered by multiple media outlets but here are a few highlights. headline: “The Scandal Swirling Around Speaker Bonnen is Bad.” The article goes on to say, “Fundamentally, it concerns unethical, possibly criminal behavior, on the part of the speaker and a long history of legislators trying to put themselves above the law.”

Rice University political scientist Mark Jones is quoted in the Dallas Morning News as saying, “This debacle weakens the Republican Party at the exact time it needs to be as strong as possible, because it is facing the most formidable challenge from the Democratic Party since 2008.”

The Dallas Morning News also reports University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghause called the optics of the Republican Party “as bad if not worse” than two years ago.

For the sake of brevity, I’m intentionally leaving out many details which readers undoubtedly are familiar with or could easily find. My intent here is not to fully describe the scandal surrounding Speaker Bonnen, but rather, to offer readers and voters an alternative for House District 25.

Rhonda Seth has announced her candidacy to succeed Speaker Bonnen as the representative for House District 25. I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy.

It has been my pleasure to know Rhonda Seth for many years. Rhonda has been my colleague and coworker in emergency medicine. We have used the rare down time that we have had to debate politics, ethics, philosophy, medicine and government during our careers together. I know her well, and I am well acquainted with her viewpoints, integrity and commitment to Texas.

Rhonda is a fiscal conservative. She believes in lower state spending, lower property taxes and more fiscal responsibility at the state level. I have no doubt that she will be a solid and predictable vote against unnecessary state spending and for lower taxes.

Health care is a state and local issue. According to Rhonda, “The in ability of our elected officials to pass common-sense legislation to alleviate the burden on the average family only proves their inefficiency.” She goes on to say, “Texas should be doing more to push back against the federal overreach and allow fellow Texans to be self-sufficient.”

Rhonda is solidly in favor of the Second Amendment and of constitutional carry. In my view, you could not find a more reliable advocate supporting Texans’ constitutional right to arm and protect themselves.

With regard to education, Rhonda believes in putting teachers, students and parents at the forefront of education and removing cumbersome and bureaucratic regulations. She also opposes linking test scores with state funding.

I have absolutely no doubt Rhonda’s core values as a person and political candidate are to adequately represent the citizens of House District 25 in the Texas House of Representatives, reduce governmental overreach and to return power to the people and to local government.

On March 2nd, 2020, we will celebrate the 184th anniversary of Texas Independence from Mexico. The next day, you will have the opportunity to vote for a local Texan who believes in our state’s long-standing, core values. We can begin to return to a principled, fiercely independent, locally driven, apolitical, common sense and fiscally conservative state government. I endorse Rhonda Seth and I hope you will consider giving her your vote.

For information, visit

Dr. Adam Corley is a former Brazoria County resident.

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If you want to investigate "inappropriate meetings", look at the Clintons. Oh I forgot....they are exempt, because they are Democrats!

Tom Glass

I do not know you, Dr. Corley, but thanks for this wonderful introduction of Rhonda Seth. She is indeed someone that the people of Brazoria and Matagorda Counties can proudly and confidently cast their votes FOR.

I have been focusing on how Dennis Bonnen has betrayed the voters even before the latest scandal. ( See ) I started the group before Rhonda Seth stepped up independently. Before I even knew her, I had said that someone randomly selected from the voter list in the district would be better than Bonnen. Rhonda Seth is far more than that!

The voters want to be respected, not disparaged. Listened to, not ignored. Their principles implemented, not betrayed. The contrast between Bonnen and Seth could not be greater.


I’m voting for her

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