Ho uston Food Bank had a great idea back in 2003 when it started doing Restaurant Week throughout the city. The fundraiser allows guests to order certain entrees at restaurants which benefit the food pantry by sending it a portion of the purchase price.

There’s no reason Brazosport Cares Food Pantry couldn’t partner with local restaurants to do the same thing, and the staff proved it with their first successful restaurant week, which lasts through Sunday.

“Just by enjoying the good meals that Southern Brazoria County has to offer, you can give good, nutritious food in return to those who need it,” said Nicole Larson, development associate of the Brazosport Cares Food Pantry.

Fifteen restaurants in Lake Jackson, Clute and Freeport partnered with the pantry to donate $2 from the lunch menu items and $3 from the dinner menu items for every entree sold. This helps Brazosport Cares donate three and five meals, respectively, to people in need, according to the website.

Staff at Table 24, one of the participating restaurants, said many people have come in specifically wanting to eat and participate in Restaurant Week.

This benefits guests, who get to enjoy good food while donating to a good cause; the restaurants, that get more business and establish relationships with local charities; and the food pantry, which works extremely hard year-round to feed the food insecure and provide hygiene items to those in need.

Everyone who participated in this event should be applauded and hopefully even more will participate next year.


Freeport LNG’s historical building donation a good gift

Since the company is no longer using the historic building to house contractors and employees during construction, Freeport LNG made a great choice to give the Allen Place building to Quintana Beach County Park.

Allen Place, which the Jarvis family of Old Quintana built as a boarding house in the 1880s, had its run as an official historical building. It earned the Texas Historic Landmark in 1964 but later lost it due to unapproved renovations, Brazoria County Parks Director Bryan Frazier said.

There’s no shame in losing that certification if the building continues to be used, which only adds to its story.

Throughout decades of wear and tear — including withstanding Hurricane Carla in 1961 — the building has remained standing and functional, Frazier said. The park’s goal is to preserve the historical home while enhancing it for the future of the community by converting the building into a residence for park rangers, he said.

“The house has sheltered many families, weathered numerous storms and absorbed a lot of memories in its walls,” Freeport LNG Director of Community Affairs Wendy Mazurkiewicz said. “We know that the county will take great care of it.”

Though the company is losing a building, Freeport LNG is further establishing its relationship with the community.


Bloomberg’s comments show agricultural ignorance

Farmers have it hard enough. The intensive training and knowledge required to successfully harvest crops and feed a significant portion of a population creates huge pressure without as much financial reward as, say, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg receives for running his business.

While there is conflict over the exact number, research indicates farmers have a suicide rate higher than the general population because of the career’s stressors. The last thing they need is a presidential candidate with a huge platform saying he could teach anyone to do their job.

In a 2016 video that recently resurfaced, Bloomberg said he “could teach anybody to be a farmer” but information technology required “a lot more gray matter.” This has garnered criticism, calling Bloomberg “elitist” and “out of touch.” These criticisms are fair.

Farmers, ranchers and others in the agriculture industry are extremely important to the economy and well-being of Brazoria County and the rest of the country. The necessity of their work cannot be overstated.

Bloomberg should consider that carefully next time he speaks about a vocation he knows little about.

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Keep up the great work, Brazosport Cares!!!


Thank you! ❤


Bloomberg is a global elitist and praises Communist China due to his i vestments all the while they persecute their dissidents, religions and minorities

I see young men who were raised on a farm are some, if not the best, with work ethics


Insert trump for Bloomberg and it reads the same.

Father of Six

Add Natives5 and it reads the same.


Ah yes because my words have indicated that. Nice try, Father of Six. Be a little more creative next time.

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