It was only a matter of time before a tropical weather pattern formed in the Gulf.

Now both professional and amateur meteorologists are poring over weather data, hoping for the best and planning for the worst.

It’s a common pastime in these parts, and it can be easy to brush what’s going on off the coast as just another false alarm. Of course, that’s what you do before it becomes the real deal.

By the time a hurricane or tropical storm is off the coast, grocery stores can become madhouses and gas stations can turn into waiting lines. That’s why now is the time to prepare. Not because there is any danger at this time, but because there is never a bad time to be prepared for for the next storm.

When streets are flooding and your phone is lighting up with weather alerts, that’s the wrong time to start figuring out what necessary items you are lacking. This includes products for babies, pets, travel arrangements, a full tank of gas and a source of water that isn’t connected to the sewer lines.

Plan your exit strategy, and make sure all members of your immediate family are aware of plans. If panic sets in, getting everybody on the same page can be more stressful than it needs to be.

Don’t let the weather determine your exit strategy or plans.

This editorial has likely been written many times in the past, but it’s because people always need to be reminded. Since Harvey, there have been flooding threats, but nothing of the magnitude that demanded something on the level of requiring boat and helicopter rescue.

Becoming comfortable is easy to do, and no one is to blame for not being ready. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and stock an emergency shelter with canned goods that will get you through the next two years.

At least three days of necessities is recommended by The website also recommend checking all drains, including gutters, on your property in preparation for heavy rains.

The threat of the next storm is always there, so don’t wait until it’s too late to prepare.

This editorial was written by Alec Woolsey, assistant managing editor of The Facts.

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