Amy Strickland Jaeger

These are grown women playing at the highest level in the world. Deal with it.

Rosemary Calvillo Dodge Dent

I am proud of them. Keep celebrating.

Marie Anne Rush

Victory is victory. If it were the other way around, the U.S. would have to clap for the winner.

Barry Josse de Lisle

This is not kindergarten where you get a trophy for participation.

John Molinaro

Like in kids baseball and other leagues: 7-run rule. Just go home.

Collis Thompson

If you want the scoring to stop, stop the game. Call it a TKO.

Mike Walls

This ain’t rec league.

Martin DeBerry

Whoever is criticizing the U.S. women’s team either doesn’t know or understand how goal count matters or they are snowflakes.

Mary Patterson

Some of them have never played in a World Cup. I am going to celebrate, and the more points we make might count later if we have a point tie with another team.

Martin DeBerry

For those who are criticizing the U.S. women’s team or women’s soccer in general, you clearly don’t watch soccer. And it’s also clear you don’t understand how grear U.S. Women’s National Team truly are. They are the most dominant women’s team in the world. Its a shame that the men’s team is an embarrassment. Time to scrap the U.S. men’s team.

Lisa Flowerree Bigon

Are you serious? Let the critics get out there and try to hang with these athletes, then they can come back and complain. Do they say the same thing when a pro team runs up the score? Nope.

Amy Winegeart

If this was a men’s team no one would even be saying anything. When this happens in baseball, no one says the team should go easy on the losing team.

James Schmerber

There were literally tens of people watching. Who really cares?

Michaele Prihoda Gregory

Two words: Goal differential.

Sara Sissenwein Norris

No one says this to any men’s team; get real.

Fern Gomez

Throwing those participating trophies out of the window.

Abdiel Donas

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” — Ricky bobby

John Moore

An anti-American team competing as an American team. So what?

Alan Patterson

As long as the Thai team gets a participation trophy everyone should be happy.

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