It’s too late.

While Americans were raising alarms about judges issuing sentences under Sharia law (they aren’t), Operation Jade Helm military exercises in Texas being a cover to institute martial law (didn’t happen) and anything Alex Jones said, our children were unwittingly being indoctrinated with principles founded in the Middle East.

It’s not just schools doing the brainwashing, either. We, as parents, unwittingly embed them in our children’s minds from the time they can talk.

Ban Arabic numerals now!

That is what a majority of Americans in a recent survey conducted by consumer intelligence researcher Civic Science believe, in what the company’s CEO calls “the saddest and funniest testament to American bigotry we’ve ever seen in our data.”

Arabic numerals, for those unfamiliar, are what the liberal-indoctrinated refer to by the esoteric term “numbers” in an obvious effort to disguise their infiltration of American society. One, two, seven, nine and so on not only are how we count our money, but how they count the number of infidels.

It’s also how Civic Science calculated the number of people who instantly found teaching children Arabic numerals was a bad thing.

For the study, participants were asked, “Should schools in America teach Arabic Numerals as part of their curriculum?: to which 56 percent of the more than 3,600 respondents said no. About 29 percent said yes and the rest had no opinion.

When political identification is thrown in, 72 percent of Republican respondents replied Arabic numerals should not be taught in US schools. In comparison, 34 percent of Democrat respondents and 57 percent of independent respondents replied the same.

Before Democrats let their chests get too puffy, the study didn’t stop there.

Another question asked, “Should schools in America teach the creation theory of Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre as part of their science curriculum?” to which 53 percent of respondents said no. Among self-identified Democrats, 73 percent said to keep that theory out of classrooms.

Lemaitre, a Belgian Roman Catholic priest, mathematician, astronomer and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain who died in 1966, is credited with developing what is popularly known as the Big Bang Theory.

Just as “Arabic” was a dog whistle for Republicans to object, references to religion and creation did the same for Democrats.

The question then becomes whether these are examples of innate bigotry or ignorance.

“Our goal in this experiment was to tease out prejudice among those who didn’t understand the question,” Civic Science CEO John Dick tweeted. “Most people don’t know the origins of our numerical system and yet picked a tribal answer anyway. You can argue that one is worse than the other, but both prove a similar point.”

Since bigotry often is based on ignorance, that point could be it doesn’t really matter which is at the root of the astonishingly blind responses to those two questions. The Arabic numerals serve more as an explanation for why the two main political tribes can’t have productive discussions — because they can’t get past the dog whistles.

As Dick summarized quite nicely, “Sorry to break this to everyone, but it appears neither side has a monopoly on blind prejudice.”

Michael Morris is managing editor of The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0144 or, or follow him @factsmichael1 on Twitter.

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That's we need a test before voting


Why didn’t you add about Philly Mosque teaching kids songs on beheading infidels?? This is hate from this Mosque. Mosques in this country have been found promoting terrorism Why haven’t you brought out anti Semitic in the dem party. Talk about bigotry. Or black caucus not denouncing Lewis Farrakhan

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