Trump followers demand own truth

It has been my contention in expressing my opinions that as a society, we must uphold the standards of right and wrong. If we lose track of this obligation to exonerate the innocent and punish the guilty, then it is not the evil doers who have lost their moral compass, but society itself.

Take in case the recent impeachment of Donald Trump where the U.S. Office of Government Accountability announced Trump indeed broke the law by withholding congressionally approved aid to Ukraine. The Republicans who like to present themselves as the party of “law and order” decided Trump has been proven guilty but they didn’t care and gave him a get out of jail pass. Yes, evil is in the hearts of those that don’t care.

There was more guilt and law-breaking in that case than there ever was in men and women seeking asylum at the southern border and having to endure the Trump administration’s widely condemned policy of “zero tolerance” that had their children ripped away from them and put in cages.

How ironic that Trump followers want the truth, but only as they see it. Can America still be a great country when people’s minds are being manipulated by Trump’s fancy lies and the Republican’s failure to do what is just?

David Kaw, Lake Jackson

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The truth is it was the Obama administration who built those so called cages. It was Hillary Clinton who destroyed evidence. It was Joe Biden who enriched his son with no investigation at all. It is the Democrat's holding up aid for American busnesses and workers with their ways. Held up by wanting to include such things as abortion funding, a $10 million dollar raise for themselves, $35 million for Kennedy Center, Adding in their "Green New Deal" funding and many other pork barrel projects. People are suffering, people are dying, people are losing jobs. It's pretty small minded when people can't let their failed impeachment go at a time like this. "Never let a serious crisis go to waste", Yes that's what the democrat's are talking about. Now it's Nancy Pelosi turn to hold the aid up some more. Now who is evil?


Let’s talk about truth. The dem house broke all prior hearing rules on impeachment. They ran a kangaroo court like Stalin did. They wouldn’t allow and White House council, no White House witnesses. Then the dem picked witnesses all admitted they couldn’t prove and Quid Pro Quo. I guess the writer didn’t watch this joke of a trial

The dems had the chance to get more witnesses like Bolton during house kangaroo court , but they pulled the subpoena

Joe Biden held up aid until they fired the prosecutor who was to investigate Burisma corruption whom his son had a sweetheart deal through his dad. Ole dementia Joe bragged about it

But lost and blind souls fail to remember this the facts, and other dem propaganda outlets attacked Trump through their dem talking point corrupt news services and most every article was wrong and proven so

The evil is the lies, personal destruction of the dems and their sheep media. The devil is alive and well

Father of Six

So if a democrat or Mr. Kaw's favored people break the law it's ok. Must be tough being Mr. Kaw.


I find rabid dem voters supporters void of wisdom, logic or truth. As the dem media. They live in pure emotions

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