There were at least five of us. Groups that is. Some official, some not. Some organized, some not.

War had brought out the best in us. Not war we started or wanted. War that rained down upon us.

We were in between. Japan in the Pacific to the west, Germany and the Atlantic to the east. There was no hesitation, no ifs, ands or buts. Folks responded willingly.

The first group was the government aided by our allies. We were led by the president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who regularly informed and comforted us, teaching that fear was not an option.

Second was the military with brilliant leaders and patriotic young men spread around the world.

Third, women, building ships, nursing, ferrying planes, assuming more responsibility for family and home, and even joining their own branches of military service.

Fourth, people at home. Men and women supporting the war effort and everyone else.

Fifth, but not last, the glue that held us all together, the press, covering war zones with our friends and family members, facing the same dangers and privations. We saw, we read and we heard of heroes and horrors around the world in all print forms. National news helped bond us together. Community newspapers told us what we needed to do at home along with local news, keeping us normal.

People in Germany were not so lucky. Papers that printed truth were called “the lying press” or “the lying Jewish press.” Suppressing news made it easier, among other atrocities, to remove the public from schools and make them training grounds for future Nazis and housewives, glorifying Hitler and cheating a generation of children of a normal education.

Those Nazis would be speechless if they could see the great job The Facts does in covering the schools and kids today.

Mary Bates is a resident of Angleton.

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Yes it is a shame that our media and local newspapers have been taken over by globalists. They repeat lies, and lie by omission. They put patriots under a microscope and completely ignore communists. Sad indeed.


Too bad we are "led" by a president who divides and lies (and not by omission just flat out lies) to the American people and creates fear rather than inform us with the facts (not his alternate ones) and unite us.

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