We emerged as a nation after we had pretty much destroyed the American Indians. We had fought our way clear of British rule in two separate wars. We then fought each other in our Civil War. We all know there are still problems from that time. I cannot imagine how anyone could treat another human being that way. Slavery was and is evil.

The next war we as a nation fought was World War I, and the aftermath of that was World War II, and then we had lots of problems. We were allied with the Soviet Union and its leader Josef Stalin. Lots of holdover problems from that war, and we had developed a new facet to our country. We literally allowed Stalin to imprison Eastern Europeans, and we knew it. Winston Churchill coined the term “The Iron Curtain” in describing the Soviet Union’s tactics.

The cloak and dagger side, what we now call the CIA and NSA, did many things that weren’t at all democratic. We fought wars that weren’t fought to win, but we were told it was to stop the march of communism. First Korea and Vietnam, and then we were misled by those agencies to go into Iraq because “they had weapons of mass destruction.”

The same people who were in politics at that time accused the security agencies of making up reasons to be in the Middle East, when they would tell you it was for the oil.

Funny how many Democrats then thought they were lying, but now Democrats are telling us to listen to Brennan and Clapper as they tell us Trump is evil. The Democrats have been telling us this ever since Trump announced he was running. This is the first time I can recall an opposition party calling for impeachment before he was sworn into the office. Does anyone else find this strange?

It may be fair to say as a nation we have been belligerent from time to time, but if many in Washington have their way, it will go on and on.

What are we doing in Afghanistan? Are we there to improve the lives of women? Do we have any clear goals to aim for? It may seem unfair to blame it on all the cloak and dagger folks, but how can you blame it on Trump, as he didn’t initiate these wars. For all of the politicians who have been in Washington a long time, it must be very convenient to be able to blame all the problems on the newcomers.

By the way, if they get rid of Trump, all the problems will still be there. I’ve been told by the media the problem is Trump. Not so. Every problem we have now was there before Trump.

Conrad Moody is a resident of Lake Jackson.

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Excellent opinion piece. It's a shame it takes a guest columnist to finally put an accurate and true opinion at The Facts.

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