Following Jesus Christ is a decision

Commenting on Michael Morris’s January 1, 2020 editorial: Mr. Morris spoke of the “evil that dwells in some men’s souls,” and then the last sentence of the editorial, “We’re all God’s children.”

I would encourage those who do not know, or who are not sure, to get a Bible, do your research and you will find that one must be born again into the family of God to become a child of God.

We are indeed God’s creation, but you must make a personal decision to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and live life the way God intended to become one of God’s children (one ref. John 1:12), and doing so may very well eliminate much of the evil that dwells in some men’s souls.

Blix Messick, Freeport

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Sorry Blix, there's no room for the truth here at The Facts.


Amen Brother. The Lords Grace is free. He shed his divine blood for us. Paul says we must shed the old self , man god religion of paganism and serve him. I agree the facts play the game of left wing religion and won’t print all sides of National and state politics. They use their corrupt dem propaganda media which follows the father of lies


A good example of truth verses continual bias and deception by the facts

Today the facts printed an article by their main corrupt biased dem talking point AP

They attack GOP Senate for not following Clinton impeachment old process

But not one mention of the House breaking the Clinton model of pure partisan, no due process for the White House or GOP House Team

Not once has the facts or other dem propaganda complained about kangaroo Hitler type court the House Dems conducted

Instead of following Lords way of truth and fairness, they push the full dem talking points deceiving cheating their subscribers of balanced reporting

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