Trump worships himself

I have a question as to why any Christians who believe and abide by the central tenet of their faith support D. Trump Sr.? I have heard “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” “The end justifies the means” and “Forgive him, he’s but a poor sinner like the rest of us.”

Most folks I know aren’t sinners like he sins. I’ve lost track of the untruths and misleading half-truths he’s uttered. He cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star and thinks it’s fabulous his fame permits him to grab unwilling ladies’ genitals and get away with it. He’s tried to legally cheat companies and their workers. He’s on his third marriage. The divorce proceedings are somewhat enlightening. Nothing about this record indicates belief in Christ or His message.

Donald John Trump worships only Donald John Trump. His cultivation of evangelicals is a disingenuous political strategy to exploit their fears and utter more lies to exacerbate their prejudices. His obvious narcissistic sociopathy should be a clue but humans prefer to believe what they prefer to be true.

Both political parties are deeply involved in stoking division. The Democrats assure us rabid “Fundies” want to bring back blue laws and capital punishment for abortion. Their plutocratic leaning, despite wooing working folks, is obvious, however. No saints in either bunch.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, render unto God what is God’s” is good advice, but I know what Jesus would say if Caesar thought he was God. Anyone who’s read the Bible knows that.

John Allen, Demi-John Island

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We did not elect him to be our pastor. We elected him because he supports freedom of religion, free speech, right to bare arms, etc. You know the principles our country was founded on. We reject the nanny state that insidiously take away out rights. We are tired of the corruption of the swamp. President ran on actual issues and despite the America hating democrats road blocks has delivered on most of those promises.


This administration is the swamp and I agree with you, we are tired of their corruption.


Trump holds regales meetings with Pastors of all Faiths. Trump starts meetings with prayer

Trump moved embassy to Jerusalem. Trump is pushing law to get prayer back in school

Trump is attacking baby murder. Trump is attacking Christian persecution

Paul killed Christians and God forgive him and made him a Saint. Judge not or you will be judged. Forgive as Jesus forgives you

Native is blind sheep. Dem lead states are killing babies after birth and support Modern day Hitler death camp planned parenthood


trump, the man who could not name his favorite bible verse? The same guy who could not properly name a book in the bible and who everyday lies and calls people names? Funny I never see coverage of him attending church like I remember seeing President Obama, Bush, Sr., and many other presidents but I'm sure you will justify that by blaming the media. Very Christian-like to constantly call me names because I disagree with you.


Oh yea obama went to church. For years he sat listening to Rev. Wright condemn America using the most foul language. In CHURCH!!!


This coming from the democrat party while at the same time want's to kill babies in the womb, or newborns at birth. As Greta would say, HOW DARE YOU! Democrats supporting transgender life style and even promoting it. The passing of laws alloying men in women and girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Allowing men in women's sports. Democrats have no room to be calling anyone out.


Now they want to kill babies after they are born?!?! More lies to make you feel better. As I've stated before, I hope your anger about abortions applies to those Republicans who also support a woman's right to chose.


Can't speak for everyone, but a Republican who supports this deviant behaviour should be ousted post haste


You know trump was pro-choice (even co-hosted a fundraiser in 1989 for Robin Chandler Duke, the president emeritus of the National Abortion Rights Action League) and only changed his mind when he decided to run for president. Convenient, don't ya think?


Yes they do. NY passed a law allowing the murder of a delivered baby, and other states want to adopt the same ungodly law


Yawn....twisted story to meet your narrative.

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