School bus drivers deserve recognition

I have heard so much about our heroes in the community lately, but there’s one set no one has mentioned. And I’m really surprised. That’s our wonderful school bus drivers. They transport our most valuable assets of this community, and yet they’re not mentioned.

I know two bus drivers personally, and they love the kids they transport. One of them is my very special pastor, Pastor Gary Thornton, who prays for each one of his students. The other is Glen Rice, our minister of music. And he goes whenever and wherever he’s called. They treat these children as if they are their own.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think they deserve a little recognition.

Joy Koch, Lake Jackson

Truth about Trump must be exposed

Those who will support Donald Trump when he has stated he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support are not ready to listen to the truth. The truth invariably tends to hurt their ears because, as the Bible says, “For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ear, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.” Acts 28:27.

Hardcore Trump supporters are given over to criticism and resentment against existing things, especially of hatred of those they feel are responsible for their inbred bitterness and contrived despair. Every Trump supporter of intelligence can trace the various steps that led them to kneel and bow before this demagogue that reflects their emotional and prejudicial biases. It is time to speak out against the divisiveness that is plaguing our country by this demagoguery that is manipulative and dangerous.

That is why it is important when tackling a difficult task like exposing the truth about Trump to those who will not see or not hear that the outcry be pervaded by a strong sense of responsibility and a compelling obligation toward truthfulness with words that are held close to the heart.

David Kaw, Lake Jackson

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Oh so we are inbred now. That's the type of attitude from snobs like you that got President Trump elected. You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you on the back side. You're ilk were looking to overturn the election before President Trump took office. You are perfectly fine with destroying the country just as long as you get your way. The end justifies the means. Very Alinsky like of you.


Your reference to scripture comes from one who is an avid blind dem supporter. One who wants justice unless a dem like Hillary or Obama commit crimes just to name a few. Also one who quotes scripture but condones a party of death slaughtering millions of babies. Please spare scripture unless you live and obey it

So Biden has already been exposed for very concerning illegal activities on behalf of his son by ABC and others now they run from it

There is China also. Why won’t your beloved God fearing media investigate dems?? Ever wondered??? Now the dem slave media ,very similar to what Joseph Goebbels did for Hitler , they do for dem party. They accuse Pres Trump was getting dirt on an opponent ?? So the dems and Hillary paid for dirt finding activity called the Steele dossier is ok??? Also dems consulted Ukraine during Trump campaign to get dirt !! But ok because dems


I don't remember seeing in the bible that it is okay to vilify your perceived enemies (in this instance the media and the Democrats) with hostile vitriol and lies.

Don't you find it interesting that after 5 years these so called illegal activities of the Biden's are becoming a major issue. Why is that? tRump is afraid. We all know if this accusations were true, they would have been front and center years ago over even months ago. Deflect.

In tRump's own words he was getting dirt on an opponent. Those were his (being the White House) notes not a transcript. Can't blame that on the so called "dem cult media." Those are his words from his mouth. But I forgot, Rudy told y'all not to believe what you see and hear. As far as an investigation related to China, that will be the investigation of Elaine Chao, Transportation Secretary, and how she used her position to gain influence for her family's business. She actually wanted family members to attend meetings with her and Chinese diplomats in her official capacity as Transportation Secretary. Just another fine addition to the swamp.


Don the con; he's reaching out to foreign governments for assistance in investigating the Biden's when investigations have already been done and they have been cleared. Deflect and distract. You would call for President Obama's head if this was his administration yet you passively let this behavior slide. Why wasn't this an issue for tRump in 2014 when Hunter Biden joined Burisma? He had no problem back then peddling the birther conspiracy.


Investigation by who? We already know the swamp is corrupt. I wish the senate would start having hearings too, but they are too smart, because we all know this is going to blow up into the democrats face. Bye bye to the house in 2020


So you do agree that tRump and his swamp are corrupt. That was big of you to admit. The current Ukrainian prosecutor has said several times that they have no evidence of wrongdoing by either Biden. He also stated that the investigation into Burisma was dormant at the time Joe Biden asked for the firing of the corrupt former prosecutor. But I know, that is not good enough for you; you'd rather have corrupt Barr do an investigation which we know would be tainted from the beginning as he is part of the problem and the complaint. I doubt the House is going anywhere but if that makes you feel better, then more power to you. Did you hear Senator Flake say there are 35 Republicans in Congress who would vote for impeachment? They are starting to lose faith in tRump.

Father of Six

Good grief natives5 how old are you? Probably wasn't an issue for President Trump in 2014 because he was the president. Or, it might have been and we don't know about it. You also accused someone being vitriol or using vitriol language. Similar to calling the President of the United State a con or tRump? Maybe you don't know what vitriol means or could be you are a hypocrite who uses vitriol language to spew hate.


It really doesn't make a difference what these communists think. There will not be 67 senators that will vote to remove PRESIDENT TRUMP from office, and with 65 % of the people opposing impeachment the house will return to Republican control in 2020.


tRump wasn't the president when he perpetuated the birther conspiracy so your logic is flawed. Good grief Father of Six, how naive are you? Compare my comments to those of Bulldog and PBJM and you will see that my use of cruel and bitter criticism is minimal at best.


For the record PRESIDENT TRUMP did not start the birther story. It started in 2008


Never stated that trump started it. I said he perpetuated the birther conspiracy which means he kept the lie going Indefinitely; that was until he announced President Obama was indeed born in the US. trump is a proven liar.

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