Innocent idealism is very appealing

Dear Factual Folks,

Anthropogenic climatic catastrophes are an established fact. Naysayers, at this point, are either ignorant about scientific methods, greedy malefactors or voting their bellies and believing what they wish were true to protect their jobs. They are either stupid, evil or misguided. Not the kind of folks I want to take “political, socioeconomic and climate advice from” either.

Science facts are “objective news.” Kids haven’t been beaten by the world yet. “Fear-mongering” isn’t necessary to rile them up. They know former generations were aware of the problem since the mid-1970s and greed is the main obstacle to remediation. Kids may be young, but that doesn’t mean they’re fools. My generation objected to bigotry and double-standards and today’s kids have passionate objections to the destruction of the only planet they have. More power to them, you old coots!

On a spiritual note, “and a little child shall lead them” and “suffer them to come unto Me for such is the Kingdom of God” and “out of the mouths of babes.” Innocent idealism is very appealing. Its effectiveness as “propaganda” is merely a fortunate side-effect. Face it, Brazosport. Our local industry is now on the wrong side of history. It’s challenging but fixable. At least, the kids think so.

Scientifically yours,

John Allen, Freeport

Infrastrucure plan would have long-term benefits

I hope that enough folks will contact their representative that we need a 10-year bill for $10 billion to rebuild our roads, bridges, etc. The good news about an infrastructure plan is that it provides good-paying jobs over the whole country, and the reason for a 10-year plan is it takes years to approve and build infrastructure.

Food for thought.

Tom Chaffin, Lake Jackson

Sedition is a crime

A word not yet used in the endless impeachment threats against the president of the United States of America is sedition — a stirring up of rebellion against a government. In some countries this action could get you 5 to 10 years or maybe the guillotine.

Chucky, Nancy you’re getting close. “Bear” Barr is listening.

P.J. Beaty, Angleton

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The climate has been changing ever since God created it. Throwing our economic system away is not going to change it. I'm amused as to why aren't these agitators in China and India where the most so called green house gas is being released


We have a coup happening in our nation by the dem party supported by the dem controlled media as we read in the facts

I ask; what happened to the Russian Hoax the facts , Dems and slave media invested so much time on? Kavanagh? Now whistleblowers whom we don’t know who they are or real evidence. I remember whistleblowers who came out against Obama got vilified in the facts and other dem slave media. Now they are heroes


Do you have an original thought? You have repeated the Breitbart and Fox News talking points. You keep saying that The Facts pushes Democrat articles, etc., but I have yet to see you give any examples. I read the paper everyday and don't see the articles that you are hollering about. The Facts doesn't even have a national news section. I do see that Bryon York columns get printed in the Opinion section frequently. He's a conservative who contributes to Fox News and wrote a book called The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Don't think he falls into your "dem controlled media" rants and conspiracies, does he?

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