MAY 17

3:24 a.m., 100 block of East Mulberry Street, suspicious vehicle.

3:38 a.m., Texan Trail/Buchta Road, suspicious vehicle.

8:37 a.m., Artic Street, burglary.

8:47 a.m., 1200 block of Chevy Chase Street, theft.

9:14 a.m., 200 block of Gulf Street, burglary.

1:34 p.m., 600 block of North Columbia Street, disturbance.

2:00 p.m., 1800 block of North Velasco Street, theft.

2:20 p.m., 200 block of Atlantic Street, burglary.

3:40 p.m., Highway 35/FM 523, reckless driving.

5:36 p.m., 100 block of Hospital Drive, fraud.

9:21 p.m., 200 block of West Mulberry Street, suspicious vehicle.

10:34 p.m., 800 block of Plantation Drive, loud music.

10:45 p.m., North Highway 288/Highway 35, reckless driving.

10:51 p.m., 2200 block of East Mulberry Street, suspicious person.

11:48 p.m., 100 block of South Velasco Street, suspicious person.


MAY 17

12:15 p.m., 100 block of West Marion Street, disturbance.

12:58 p.m., 100 block of East Parkview Street, suspicious circumstances.

3:06 p.m., 700 block of South Shanks Street, suspicious person.

3:17 p.m., Highway 332/Dixie Drive, reckless driving.

4:58 p.m., 200 block of East Main Street, reckless driving.

5:02 p.m., 200 block of Hackberry Street, reckless driving.

6:22 p.m., 100 block of Woodshore , reckless driving.

MAY 18

12:01 a.m., 200 block of Stratton Ridge Road, noise complaint.

1:00 a.m., South Lazy Lane, suspicious person.

1:10 a.m., 1100 block of Lake Street, noise complaint.


MAY 17

8:33 a.m., no address given, theft of service.

10:09 a.m., 900 block of North Avenue J, public intoxication.

11:22 a.m., 900 block of North Avenue J, fraud; forgery to defraud or harm elderly.


MAY 17

5:47 a.m., 100 block of Circle Way, burglary.

6:43 a.m., 100 block of Silverlace Street, loud music.

7:19 a.m., 100 block of Sycamore Street, disorderly conduct.

8:21 a.m., Oak Drive, theft.

11:21 a.m., 100 block of Highway 332 West, minor accident.

11:41 a.m., 600 block go highway 332 West, burglary.

12:03 p.m., 100 block of Loganberry Street, disorderly conduct.

1:44 p.m., 100 block of Highway 332 East/Oyster Creek Drive, reckless driver.

1:47 p.m., 100 block of Medical Drive, disorderly conduct.

3:41 p.m., East Plantation Drive/Cypress Street, reckless driver.

4:04 p.m., Oak Drive, forgery.

4:26 p.m., 100 block of Juniper Street/Zinnia Court, suspicious activity.

4:28 p.m., Vinca Court, burglary.

4:49 p.m., Avocado Court/Cotton Drive, suspicious activity.

6:11 p.m., 600 block of Sycamore Street, suspicious person.

8:32 p.m., 100 block of Jonquil Street/North Cedar Street, suspicious person.

10:05 p.m., 100 block of Cactus Street, disorderly conduct.

10:26 p.m., 100 block of Highway 332 West, suspicious person.

10:44 p.m., 100 block of Walnut Street, suspicious activity.

10:48 p.m., 400 block of Highway 288, reckless driving.

11:22 p.m., Lake Road, suspicious activity.

11:40 p.m., 400 block of Huckleberry Drive, suspicious activity.

MAY 18

12:46 a.m., 400 block of This Way, suspicious person.

12:49 a.m., 500 block of Highway 332 East, disorderly conduct.

1:37 a.m., Lake Road/Canna Lane, minor accident.

Connor Behrens is a reporter at The Facts. You can contact him at 979-237-0150.​

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