Nfinite Racing Autofests have been around for the past couple of years, and Saturday the car show comes to Brazos Mall in Lake Jackson.

From noon to 5 p.m., Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Nfinite Racing will display more than 100 different vehicles both outside and inside Brazos Mall. The setup on the outside parking lot will be between Hibbett Sports and Image Nails.

“We’ve learned from each of the first two that we’ve had so far, but at the same time we’ve gotten bigger and bigger,” Nfinite Racing Autofest spokesman Hector Levario said. “People love to see the exotic cars, like the Lambroghinis, the Ferraris, and not just the adults. but the younger crowd enjoys seeing those as well.”

Nfinite Racing Autofest is a core of car enthusiasts who enjoy putting on car shows that display the tireless work that some of the enthusiasts spend on their prized possessions.

“For me, it is bringing to the community something they’ve never seen before,” Levario said. “What we are doing is bringing these cars that they will see on video games or on movies and get a first hand glimpse in person. I just want the local community and everyone who attends to enjoy seeing these kinds of cars.”

Levario is a contractor by day at Dow Chemical Co., but after that it is about him and his two Nissan Skylines from Japan that he works on.

“I’ve been into cars since I was young,” Levario said. “I started with reading the car magazines and then it went into these imports that I have.”

One of those in attendance will be Isac Ramos, originally from the Bronx in New York and now relocated to the Houston area. Ramos will be bringing his 2015 Hyundai 3.8 liter Genesis Coupe for all to see.

“It is a custom to custom build, so basically I have a full wrap on the car that will not be available to the public until after November,” Ramos said. “The design on the car was $11,000 because it is so detailed, so intricate that its never been done before. There are so many things on this car that make it unique. But the most famous feature of the car is that it is a military and law enforcement tribute car. That is what it is known for. The car is used for a lot of fundraisers and a lot of charity events for veterans, from kids with cancer to law enforcement killed on duty.”

A former NYPD officer and veteran himself, Ramos uses many of his ideas from life’s experiences.

“For my car, that is where it came from,” Ramos said. “I am a retired NYPD officer and also I am a federal law enforcement officer now. I see what we went through and see where we are going in the future in regards to law enforcement and how the public views us. How media portrays us in a negative light toward society and I am trying to bring the positive look back to life for all of these law enforcement officers.

“Same thing for the military side, let me do something to say thank you those without them knowing that I am actually a combat vet. The fact that this car has had impact on some veterans has meant the world to me.”

Another attraction is Nicholas Dennis’s 2002 Dodge Viper GTS.

“I’ve always wanted one of these cars since I was 12 years old. I used to have a poster in my room,” Dennis said. “I told myself that I was going to get one of these bad boys one day. Sure enough, I was in the right spot and got this one last December in San Antonio. I am the third owner of it and it has 17,000 miles on it. The first guy that owned it was not a gear head, he was just a guy who owned a Viper. I brought it home and threw it on jack stands, and the gear head that I am I went through the entire car and pulled synthetics, adding new tires, coil overs, long tube headers, 355 gears, new plugs with wires and much more. So I went through the whole thing and it is like brand new. It is the funnest car that you can ever imagine and they don’t make anything like this.”

As much as Dennis enjoys tinkering with his Dodge Viper, he is trying to enjoy driving it as well.

“Any chance I get, I will drive it around, but many times you will not see many of these cars around too much because people sit on them,” Dennis said. “You will see them around in car shows, but if the wife needs milk, I will take it out and am just making lost time with this bad boy. My 12-year-old self is making up for many lost years.”

This will be the third Nfinite Racer Autofest. The first one was held at Freeport Municipal Park in 2017 with more than 100 vehicles registered. Last year, the fest moved to Surfside’s Bridge Harbor with another 100 vehicles on display.

“What’s changing is that this will be the first year that Brazos Mall will host a car show inside for them,” Levario said.

Joel Luna is sports editor for The Facts. Contact him at 979-237-0160 or at

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